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Fire sauce brings spirited Habanero sauce for all the spice lover foodies!

Press Release: December 11, 2016

Are you a foodie and love spicy food the most? If yes, here comes Habanero sauce-the product from Fire-sauce for you. This sauce is a perfect blend of vinegar, peppers and citrus with a hint of Mezcal. For availing the spice lovers with the perfect flavor of hot sauce, fire sauce is created with ghost peppers, Mezcal etc. For the sizzling taste, Habaneros are famous among the food lovers and to pepper’s fiery flavor, the addition of vinegar carrot citrus is just perfect. In the world, Habaneros are categorized as the hotter edible peppers and could be used in dried, whole, course ground, powdered or crushed form.

Fire sauce is introducing a spirited Habanero sauce with hints of ghost pepper and Mezcal that you will love. To the sauce, an intricacy is added by the smoky taste and without Mezcal, it could not be reproduced. The taste of Mezcal depends on the agave plant using which the spirit is made and generally, it is interesting as well as complex. The particular smoky taste hits at the first sip and you can then feel agave’s natural sweetness once smoke clears after few seconds. A bittersweet flavors hint is added by the ghost pepper skin and the flavor is ghost pepper obviously. Even without the intense bite, the taste would be recognized by the real foodies.

Fire sauce is therefore coming with Habaneros in Belize that you will surely love. Among the spiciest chilies in the world, Ghost pepper is the one and therefore you can very well understand the taste you are going to enjoy. The Fire hot sauce with ghost pepper and Mezcal hint will surely serve as the best sauce that you will love.

So for all the foodies in US, Fire sauce brings the taste you were searching for. The Habaneros also have number of health benefits in addition to its great taste. The hotness of Habaneros is from capsaicin which is a compound by which a burning feeling is created and in the mouth, the pain receptors are affected by this. The insulin levels are also regulated by this. The Habaneros are rich in capsaicin, the compound by which cardiovascular diseases and even cancer are prevented.

So, what could be better than this? Habaneros are not only great in taste but are very beneficial for health as well and provides protection from several diseases. Therefore it would not be wrong to say that Habaneros are spicy, hot yet helpful. They did not have any type of negative effect on your health. Instead, they help in the prevention of several serious diseases. All over the world, Habaneros serves as an important constituent of hot sauce and cuisines.

So foodies! What are you waiting for? Go get your Habaneros now and enjoy the great taste of the great things that come in fiery hot and small packages in US that you will love. The burning hot Sauce with the hint of Mezcal and ghost pepper is all set to serve to with mouthwatering delicacies. Enjoy!

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