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Fire, Floods and Hardware Failures are no match for Xynomix' DR Solution

Press Release: March 04, 2010

Xynomix deliver Support, Managed Services and Consultancy to Oracle users and have recently incorporated the 'Xynomix Disaster Recovery' solution to a portfolio of services designed to deliver maximum database availability.

This particular 'DR' solution provides clients with a real-time backup of their entire database infrastructure that is stored off-site in a dedicated and secure virtual 'Cloud' environment.

Key benefits of the solution include:
* Zero data loss
* Database recovery time of less than 30 minutes, 24x7x365
* No requirement for hardware or licence investment

Says Xynomix Marketing Executive, Jules Pedersen: "Protecting valuable data is a huge priority for SME's in particular, but at the moment, available budget for purchasing the necessary hardware for traditional DR solutions is just not there. Besides, standby servers and tape backups do not offer much protection against on-site 'disasters'.

Xynomix' solution ticks all of the boxes: secure; off-site; cost-effective and reliable".

The company is keen to discuss Disaster Recovery options, including the virtual 'Xynomix Disaster Recovery' solution, with any Oracle database users that are looking to implement an effective DR strategy on a restricted budget.

Xynomix Information: Xynomix, an Oracle Certified Partner, specialise in the design of bespoke monitoring and oracle managed services for databases and Operating Systems. Founded in 2002, Xynomix has experienced consistent growth and can now lay claim to a client base that varies from Oracle estates with a few Database users to corporate environments with multiple databases and thousands of worldwide users. For more information visit www.Xynomix.com.

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