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Fine Perforators Advances Facilities for Sugar Screens Users

Press Release: October 01, 2020


The quality of sugar centrifugal screens plays a vital role in the quality output and profitability of sugar industries. Fine Perforators, the leading sugar screen manufacturer in India since 1969, recently decided to facilitate it’s Indian and overseas clients to get more options for quality filtration and separation at reduced operational cost. The restructured support model and expanded product list will benefit the sugar industries as well as other industries in chemical, oil, petrochemical, gas, pharmaceutical, food, and other processing sectors.

The announcement for changes in serving policy and product line by Fine Perforators came at a meeting held on 27th Sept 2020. The company, poised to become the top sugar screen exporter, is now gearing up to invest more for expanding the screen categor

ies to provide more ready to use choices. The new product line of sugar centrifugal screens will set fit to most of the filtration machines manufactured by the top Indian and international brands like FCB – KCP, BROADBENT, THYSSENKRUPP, HEIN LEHMANN, GUANGXI SU GROUP, NHEC, FIVE CAIL etc.

At present, Fine Perforators is gaining worldwide fame and popularity for manufacturing the best quality vacuum filter screens, centrifugal screens, perforated sheets, wedge wire screens, wire mesh, Nickel screens etc. The company is going to advance its facilities to bridge the gap between the demand and availability of product type; therefore, regular bulk buyers of sugar screens can ask for tailor-made filtration screens with particular specifications. The customized solutions for filtration and separation will help the industries to improve productivity and quality at the lowered cost.

Regarding the recent announcement, the spokesperson of Fine Perforators says, “Since the start of our journey intended to become the #1 sugar screens manufacturers and exporters in India, our approach has always been customer-centric. We experienced that the numbers of filtration screen users across the world still don’t find the readymade sugar screens, wedge wire screens, perforated sheets, or wire meshes for their machines and particular applications. Now onward, our thrust will be to provide the tailor-made filtration screens at the least price.”

Online support filtration screen experts will be closer to the clients to help them buy the right product. Fine Perforators has commissioned a dedicated division also for seamless sugar screens export activities.

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