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Fine Art Photographer Lisa Folino Heads To Venice Italy For The 57th Venice Biennale International Art Fair

Press Release: March 16, 2017

Local Orange County Fine Art Photographer Lisa Folino has been invited to exhibit in the world’s oldest and most prestigious art fair ‘La Biennale Di Venezia’. It is an honor to be invited to exhibit in the Venice Biennale. The Biennale is visited by an international audience of 300,000. The Art fair opens to the general public May 13, 2017 till November 20, 2017.

To fund an exhibition of this size and scope is beyond Lisa’s financial means therefore she is launching a fundraising campaign on the online-philanthropic site Hatchfund.org . Her Campaign launched March 13, 2017 and ends on April 20, 2017. There are a variety of support levels.

We are offering for one very special Art Sponsor an opportunity to support her entire exhibition. As a special thank you will receive a charitable receipt that is tax deductible. 100% of your support will go directly to the artist. As an Art Sponsor your name, Company, Logo will be printed on the exhibition wall alongside Lisa’s work. Your Name, Company, Logo will be printed in the 300-page fine art book alongside her work. Your name will appear on a dedicated page on her website, all press, interviews and social media platforms. You will also receive an invitation to the opening night party attended by over 20,000 people.

Please help a very talented artist, donate today: http://www.hatchfund.org/project/grace_and_truth


Lisa Folino was born and raised in Southern California. Her interest in photography began at an early age under the guidance of her father Sal Folino, a pioneering cameraman in Television, and seven time Emmy Award winner. Both music and photography have been a major part of Lisa’s life. She studied music performance and arrangement at the prestigious Berklee School of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. She credits her expansive knowledge of photography from the years she was exposed and inspired by her Father’s TV camera work and photography. Her work has been exhibited in numerous gallery exhibitions throughout the United States and Europe. Her work is in the permanent collections of The Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Houston Texas, The Harry Ransom Center, Austin Texas, and The Center for Photography at Woodstock, Woodstock New York. Lisa has been published in numerous magazines in the United States and Europe.


“In my work I have never strived to make a perfect photograph, in fact I have embraced the imperfections and accidents in the photographic process.”

The portfolio “Grace and Truth” is an exploration of physical and metaphorical transformation. An accident occurred in my studio I spilled chemicals on my Polaroid film that caused what I thought to be severe damage to the polaroids. I threw them out, but retrieved them the next day and put them away. Years later I went to look at the mages only to discover that time had transformed them.

This new found process allowed me to alter the original photographic image from one state to another. As time passed, the exposed in-camera images changed, hence new landscapes appeared. A new world emerged from the original black background. The integral component in the changing evolution of these images is time itself. Like a fossil unearthed the images are fragmented and degraded. As with a fresco’s aging plaster; the imagination is forced to fill in the voids. My desire is to create images that convey the passage of time, and my desire to transcend time through my work. Today these polaroids continue to change as the past makes it’s way into the present and future.

To learn more about the Biennale http://www.labiennale.org

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