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Finding an Exceptional Apple in an Ordinary Bunch - The role of The IT Recruitment Consultant

Press Release: March 26, 2010

The modern commercial sector is essentially dependant on the IT recruitment consultant for the provision of skilled technical candidates. The increasing pace of development within the IT industry has raised the bar for skilled professionals. In addition, the increasing number of candidates pursuing a career in IT and the expanding global employment market has made it even harder to distinguish between candidates. Stafford Carrington, owner of Impact IT talks about the new wave of demands on the IT recruitment industry Most of our commercial clients demand a high level of technical competence that cannot be found through traditional job boards alone. 10 years ago it was easier to spot good talent because the market was in its relative infancy and IT workers were fewer in numbers. Now the market is inundated with candidates from all over the world and universities are pouring out IT graduates, filtering the good from the bad is becoming more difficult

The number of candidates sent through most online job boards can be unwielding and CVs are not filtered which leaves the client searching through hundreds of CVs to find the right candidate. Furthermore, job boards only tend to be used by candidates actively seeking work and many candidates still prefer to use agencies. Employers using job boards and standard advertising methods may not be opening themselves up to the wider market. While a job board will deliver large numbers of CVs the quality of candidates can be reduced. Stafford was quick to disprove the theory that receiving a greater number of CVs is preferable At Impactit.co.uk our IT recruitment consultants take a lot of pride in providing a manageable number of candidates who have been thoroughly assessed. We very often make a placement from the first shortlisted CVs sent. This isnt because its easy to find candidates, its because an IT recruitment consultant has already invested weeks making links with top quality candidates and has spent days sourcing the best CVs for a specific role. If you are receiving good quality CVs in small numbers its a good indication your recruitment consultant has spent days sourcing, testing and interviewing candidates.

There is no doubt the increase in the use of job boards by candidates and employers alike has changed recruitment. Employers now have access to far more CVs than ever before. In reality thought, how many job board responses are relevant to the role in question? How many have the right qualifications, live in the region and have the correct working visas? Upon questioning, Stafford didnt entirely discourage the use of job boards but stated Job boards are a grate tool but the IT market has been and will always be unique. The industry moves so fast and the best candidates are in high demand. They get phone calls from recruiters every week. These people arent on job boards because they dont have to be. We use multiple job boards at any one time and have access to other methods of sourcing. Before a recruitment consultant has even touched a job board they will have searched their own database, contacted the candidates known to them and scoured resources like twitter and Linked In. Its just not feasible for an employer to do all that for one role.

It is not only the availability of good candidates which leaves job boards and advertising in question. A job board does not technically test candidates, interview or have years of experience. A recruitment consultant will manage the recruitment process and managed a candidates expectations. Their work is done when an offer has been made and accepted. Furthermore, it is within their interests to ensure the candidate is still committed 1-3 months later when their notice has been served and they are due to start. A job boards objective, on the other hand, is simply to provide CVs to match criteria.

While businesses look for cost effective methods of recruitment the employment of an individual is a large financial commitment and for those operating in the SME market one which they can ill afford to get wrong.

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