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Finding A Spiral Staircase Design to Complement the Modern Features of Your Home

Press Release: December 08, 2020

Explore the design possibilities you can enjoy when you add a staircase to your home

Spiral staircases have been around for 3,000 years. Way back it was the preferred solution to keep enemy fighters out of your fort or stronghold as it offered limited access passes your walls of protection. Since then spiral staircase design has gone through many phases, each contributing lasting beneficial features, always contributing to the design option as a preferred solution to gain access to various floor levels in your home. 

“When you research the history of staircases, you’ll learn that the main purpose of these historic staircases was to limit access. It even featured uneven widths and heights in the treads to make it an unsafe option. Today the complete opposite is true and all aspects of spiral staircase design focus on making it a safe alternative in the home. Except for safety, we also want to deliver a construction making a visual contribution to your property. We have designs available which bring certain classic features and then we are also proud of our more modern designs,” says Nick Rackham, sales manager of one of the UK’s most prominent names in staircase design, Complete Stair Systems. 

Rackham is referring to their Model 76 spiral staircase. The design is the perfect fit for any home in the UK flaunting a modern appeal. The sleek design of the stainless balustrade complements the transparent threads made of laminated glass or acrylic. It is a spiral staircase that opens the surrounding space through the abundance of light that it lets through into the room. The design complies with all regulatory requirements for domestic use. It is one of the spiral designs they offer which are customisable to suit the features of your home and they can adapt the diameter and rotation, the floor to floor height, and give it a unique appeal bespoke to compliment your interior. 

“When one of our clients opt for the stylish design, we take care to ensure that all measurements are correct and will adapt the standard features of the design to accommodate your property and your interior requirements. We’ll also add a matching balustrade and emphasise the curve of your staircase. As it is a custom-made design, our team needs about 9-10 weeks to construct the staircase from the moment the plans are approved,” Rackham explains the process of custom designs. 

Model 76 is a magnificent feature to apply as the focal point of your room and always offers all the safety requirements to keep the feet traffic using it safely. 

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