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Find The Best Trees For Small Gardens At New Wood Trees

Press Release: November 17, 2020

New Wood Trees (https://www.newwoodtrees.co.uk/) is one of UK’s leading growers of the best trees for small gardens, readily available for homeowners who are looking to spruce up their landscape’s charm and aesthetics. Their customers across the country bask in the diversity of their professionally grown trees which can instantly beautify any garden.

Located at a 35-acre site in the rolling hills of South Devon, this local nursery has over 90 species of trees to offer including Field Maple, Armur Maple, River Birch, Box Rotundifolia, and Hornbeam. All of their trees are cultivated and tended by a passionate team of experts for at least a span of five years to produce a perfect multi-stem form. . Not known by many, multi-stem trees are surprisingly seasonal; thus, there are times when they can be quite arduous to find. However, New Wood Trees guarantees to provide them abundantly all throughout the year.

Their lush trees vary in sizes, ranging from one to five metres, which make their collection suitable for gardens of all sizes. Those who will buy their trees can expect it stunningly groomed from root up to its leaves. The crown is pruned purposefully to achieve an umbrella-shaped top, which is key to acquiring the ideal profile for landscaping, and the roots are formed to make it easy for homeowners to it plant anywhere in their own garden. ... Most importantly, all of their clients across the United Kingdom can secure a reliable delivery service for their orders. Trees usually pose as a logistics challenge but they have established an efficient process to protect them from being harmed whilst in transit and to ultimately ensure that their customers will receive their orders in its best condition.

New Wood Trees invites interested customers to visit their plantation as they pride themselves with the fact that all of their trees are Britain-grown and are ethically nurtured to perfection. According to them: “They spend approximately five years growing in the Devon soil ensuring they are disease free, giving our customers peace of mind in knowing that there is no danger of introducing a foreign and possibly harmful plant disease to our fragile ecosystem”. Their honourable company values and sustainable techniques have led people to trust them, and continues to bring them a flourishing community of happy and loyal customers.

To learn more about their products and services, visit their official website now at https://www.newwoodtrees.co.uk/.

About New Wood Trees

New Wood Trees is one of the best local nurseries in the United Kingdom. They offer a great selection of multi-stem trees that are expertly grown and pruned to instantly adorn gardens of all sizes. All of their products are available for delivery nationwide and can be arranged and scheduled at the customer’s convenience. Should you be interested in bringing new life to your garden, you know who to call. For any enquiries, you can visit https://www.newwoodtrees.co.uk/contact-us and fill out their contact form. Likewise, you can also reach out to them at 01803 782 666 or send an email at info@newwoodtrees.co.uk.

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