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Find The Best Training Platforms Here At Virti

Press Release: February 04, 2021

Virti (https://virti.com) proudly present their quality and accessible VR soft skills training platforms to everyone around the world. With their years in the industry, their clients can expect nothing but the most convenient and easy training experience from them. 

This company offers a cloud-based training platform that houses various efficient software like Creation Suite and Analytics Engine. These platforms enable their clients to create interactive, on-demand, immersive experiences for their users. Their Creation Suite software utilises L&D principles and behavioural science insights, which give fast and efficient creation of content. As a result, everyone can enjoy the most realistic learning experience possible. Meanwhile, their Analytics Engine uses AI or artificial intelligence to make subjective feedback into objective data. This enables users to know where they are weak or strong and improve accordingly. 

Those who sign up for their services get to enjoy a bespoke approach to the company’s services. They can organise, create, schedule, analyse, and control their courses depending on their users’ availability and abilities. What’s more, Virti’s platforms are available anywhere and at anytime. This is because they are accessible online through any smart gadgets, such as laptops, desktops, smartphones, and a lot more. Most importantly, all their clients can get a hold of timely and accurate data insights and feedback, which enable them to evaluate the performance of their users. 

Virti has been very strong with their beliefs that their kind of learning style is more effective than the traditional face-to-face method. For years, they have dedicated themselves and stood out by providing their clients with world-class services. According to them: “Using Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) your workforce develops new skills faster with data-driven insights making them train more effectively and improving their performance when it matters. At Virti we provide an end-to-end service spanning all immersive technologies to help you implement the best integrated, immersive training strategy specific to your organisation's needs”.

Moreover, Virti also offers other learning materials, such as eBooks, podcasts, and a lot more to further boost the learning of their users. To know more about their services, feel free to check their website at https://virti.com.

About Virti

Virti is a well-known virtual reality training platform provider. They offer a cloud-based training platform that has top-grade software that gives their clients the most real simulation training possible. Their platforms can be accessed anytime and anywhere online through any smart devices. This is perfect for remote training anywhere in the world. With their years of experience and team of professionals like content creators, UX experts, and more, everyone can enjoy high-standard training experience from them. If you are interested, you can visit https://virti.com/contact/ and fill out their contact form for a free diagnostic call from their experts.

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