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Financial Technology + Main Street= Growth

Press Release: September 04, 2015

iSmallBiz strategically formed a relationship with a fortune 500 payment technology company to leverage their electronic payment platform and create a very simple process for small business owners to obtain the capital they truly need.

Business owners can now obtain additional funds without an extensive time in business, extraordinary FICO score, and the process takes no more than one week from start to finish. With payments that fluctuate with the businesses performance and cash flow, iSmallBiz is changing the alternative lending landscape.

“This agreement marks a true milestone in growing businesses. Combining their expertise in the electronic payment industry and iSmallBiz’s expertise in the realm of small business financing, we are able to truly deliver the best possible financing at the lowest possible cost because of our ever expanding network.”
Said Charles Colbert, Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer.
“Jonathan Patnaude (Managing Partner/ President) and the team he’s building have created the world’s most intuitive apply now button, the i-smart apply now form. It is truly unlike any apply now form that exists.”
Explained Charles Colbert.

I-Smart Apply

“Once you agree to apply with us our back end algorithm will automatically place you with the best possible source of capital hands free. All you need to do is fill out the below form, upload the last three months business bank statements and the last three months processing statements ,utilizing our document upload plugin, and we will have a quote available for your business typically within 24 hours.”

Cited from http://ismallbusinesscredit.com/i-smart-apply-now/

About ismallbusinesscredit.com

We launched ismallbusinesscredit.com in 2014 to solve 3 major issues facing small businesses; Technology, Financing, and Payment Processing. We combined our passion for Main Street with cutting-edge technology to evaluate businesses based on what they truly qualify for, how soon they need the money, and what the money is for. This allows business owners the security in knowing that there business has made the best possible decision when it comes to financing there business, allowing them to focus on growing there business rather than hunting for days or even weeks at a time.

Ismallbusinesscredit.com is a Financial Technology Platform that has enabled us to deliver the best possible financing at the lowest possible cost and deliver capital much faster than traditional sources.

This is how we let business owners spend their time where it should be spent—on growing their business rather than seeking working capital for weeks and sometimes months without end.

What is I Better Business?

I Better Business is a hub or resource for all your business’s needs. From start up to obtaining working capital, I Better Business provides you with a library of information written by business owners and for business owners in the United States.

Ismallbusinesscredit.com and ibetterbusiness.com, are divisions of iSmallBiz, LLC.

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