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Finally the story behind "Umeed Hai" song shared by Mukesh Officials

Press Release: June 01, 2020

Mukesh Officals finally shared the story behind his second song “Umeed Hai”.

This song special for hope. Mukesh is trying to tell from this song "The world lives up to expectations" and "There's only hope that keeps you alive"

Mukesh's lyrics in this song were something like this "have hope, To do something, Can get some, To fly away" and "have hope, Something to happen, To be something, To fly away". Self Mukesh wrote and composed this song.


This song is made on a moment in Mukesh's life. When Mukesh's best friend Kunal left him, he had said that one day both of them will become big artists. Mukesh started this music journey for his wish With the hope of just one day, he will fulfill Kunal's dream.

This song won the hearts of many people and it emerged like a Motivation Song.


Umeed Hai Showcases some very strong and mean full songwriting and story telling ability.

So check out Mukesh Officials's 'Umeed Hai' on Spotify!


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