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Finally, everybody can cut from the Startup cake!

Press Release: February 22, 2019

Nowadays, there is a lot of ways to invest money from real-estate to stock business but these are not guaranteed to payback, making profit could be really hard and you are not guaranteed to be an owner of anything. Every kind of investments has its ups and downs, but at the end of the day, there will be more cons than pros.

The main point of StockBND is that you can buy yourself into populare online developments as an owner.

And that’s not even the greatest benefit of it but you can sell your deal/unit(ownership) before the occurent divident.
The more deal/unit sold and the more money they can spend on marketing, the higher will be its price, so it’s worth considering it. StockBND grants you a surface too where you can choose from buying from StockBND itself or from a private seller, even for installment! This is a great benefit that you don’t need to have thousands of dollars, you can start making profit from hundreds instead because you can pass your unit with profit while paying for it monthly. That method used to build cities like Dubai, so it’s well tested.
Let’s see why StockBND is worth considering, where they develope their own projects:

1. Real-estate business: It’s biggest drawback is that you need thousands and thousands of dollars to start it. Not everybody could afford 100-200 thousands just to make profit. And it’s not sure that you can sell it because it has to be built at an attractive neighbourhood and it has to be suited for a lot of expectations. The whole process is really time and energy consuming and it can’t be done online.

2.Stock exchange: It could be very risky and there will be a lot of factors that influence the prices of the stocks. The prices will increase no matter what when somebody buys a deal/unit, so it’s always a good idea to sell them! There’s no need for a broker and you keep the whole process in your hand. Also, it’s not so easy to use it but at StockBND, it’s really just a few clicks.

3.Startups: Using StockBND to buy yourself into startups is not obligatory but it’s highly recommended. Nowadays, that process is not easy, and even if you can do it, the outcome is strongly questionable. The chance for real success is about 3%* and profit can earned only by divident.

4.StockBND: Luckily, StockBND guarantees that the project will launch in time, you don’t need to worry about that. The company operates with highly skilled developers who easily handle the projects and the whole surface. Buying and selling units are happening at the site too and that’s pretty smooth. StockBND is auditing their projects with an external company so the ideas are worth to launch. Only finished projects can be uploaded to the website, the operating company is registered in the USA every time and the marketing strategy is also available.
It’s good to see that even people with not much money can make profit, thanks to paying in installments. You don’t have to risk a fortune that only a few people can afford. StockBND’s first project has just launched and there were more than 15 000 visitors at the site within the first week. Check out www.give-like.com and make sure about the quality of their work. If you would like to make thousands of dollars from hundreds, you can start trading right now: www.stockbnd.com

*source: https://www.cbinsights.com/research/venture-capital-funnel-2/

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