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Film production and video editing from Manchester and London's VideoTile

Press Release: March 01, 2010

For businesses who want to improve communication and interaction with its target market, creating an online video makes a great statement and helps to portray your chosen message - whether it's for clients or your own internal operations.

The idea behind interactive video and film production is to reinforce the company’s message whilst at the same time providing an extra level of stimulus in order to hold the audience’s attention whilst the core message is being delivered and VideoTile is a company that has many years of experience in this area. 

VideoTile were established in 1979 and have been progressing ever since. As the first UK video production company to master the extremely complex balance of speed of loading, a resolute and robust performance, and a picture quality of an excellent standard, coupled with being able to integrate video content seamlessly onto a web page, they have built a strong reputation as a company that has helped online business convert viewers into customers.

From brainstorming ideas to final production and amplification, VideoTile can take care of your whole video editing solutions. They know how to decrease loading time while ensuring the highest quality and performance in the industry - and they know how important consultation is with each client to ensure that all ambitions and strategies are alligned. The team is flexible, friendly but at the same time professional, making them easy to work with and totally focussed on your goals.

Any business or company who has a desire or need to increase the efficiency of work and sales is recommended to include video production in their website. The results produced from this method of communication are worth the time spent to have it done.

With VideoTile, your prospects will quickly understand your offering, giving a higher quality of leads which are much easier to convert into real customers. 

The accessibility issues usually associated with web video have been overcome, making VideoTile the highest resolution video technique available for a web audience. 

VideoTile has portfolio of clients from all sectors, many of them blue chip, including Webex, Hitachi, The Red Arrows, AIG, Baines and Ernst and The Labour Party.

About Us

VideoTile is a video production company with a team of video creation artists and over 100 presenters that create the best videos suitable to each client’s needs. They work very hard to make a video for your website that will inform your employees and maximise their work efforts and that will dramatically increase sales conversion rates. 

For anyone interested in having a video placed on their business website, you will be surprised at how much VideoTile can help you. They will answer any questions that you might have and will start to work promptly for you to get the perfect production ready for you when you make that decision to start.

Contact Details

Website: http://www.videotile.co.uk/

Email: sales@videotile.co.uk

Telephone: 0845 838 2809

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