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Fifth Annual Energy and Technology conference in Cleveland Brings All the Smarts to the Yard

Press Release: July 03, 2015

November 30 to Dec 2, 2015, Cleveland once again welcomes a congregation of engineers, scientists, academics, government and community stakeholders to the 5th annual EnergyTech conference. Top sponsors include INCOSE (the International Council on Systems Engineering), IEEE (the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) and the NASA Glenn Research Center.

Home to several major universities, a key NASA center, and various top-level utilities and enterprises dealing with critical infrastructure, Cleveland is well established as a pivotal hub for scientific research and development. In this milieu, EnergyTech 2015 engages leading thinkers, researchers and systems experts with diverse perspectives in a dialog on key issues of our time. Topics include global energy dynamics, sustainability and technology impacts, risk factors to our environment as well as cyber and other threats to the power grid, and our critical but vulnerable infrastructure systems which underpin all fundamental economic activity.

To secure a stable energy future, a “...comprehensive 'Systems Approach' is essential for coping with the changing times and complexity of issues,” remarks conference chair John Juhasz. He adds, "Solutions to such enormous challenges require strong and informed leadership at all levels to motivate enlightened decisions and policies. Such decisions demand the very best in human ingenuity coupled with efficient, sophisticated computing tools and rigorous methods to managing systemic risk and life-cycle decision support.” Juhasz, BSEE, MSEE, MBA, in 2008 co-founded the Northeast Ohio INCOSE chapter and the Power & Energy Systems working group, and has collaborated with NASA and IEEE to organize and promote the EnergyTech conference series.

Papers, panels and presentation topics will be focused around four sub-themes, each with a full-day track. Tracks include 1) Changing Dynamics of the Global Energy Landscape, 2) New Technologies for Solving the Energy Puzzle, 3) Leveraging the Capabilities of Model-based Systems Development for Energy, and 4) Managing the Risk Factors in Critical Infrastructure.

Abstract submissions for EnergyTech2015 are open until July 18th at www.energytech2015.com/submissions

Among the confirmed speakers, EnergyTech2015 is pleased to announce a keynote address from Operation Desert Shield/Storm veteran Stewart Cedres, currently serving at the US Department of Energy’s Office of Electricity (OE) R&D Division where his responsibilities include the identification of electric sector advanced resilience capabilities. Cedres will articulate the importance of systems engineering and systems thinking in regard to system integrity in the energy sector, and will address the risk of systemic failure when dealing with complexities such as the electric grid and the threats it faces now and in the future.

EnergyTech2015 also anticipates a dynamic keynote from current INCOSE President, and Vitech Corporation Founder and CEO, David Long, whose perspective remains broad yet focussed: “Considering the future, big-picture challenges of society, systems engineering remains a young discipline – one that must continue to learn and evolve, one where transitions should be viewed as waypoints along a journey rather than destinations themselves. While work remains to ensure the transformation to model-based techniques is both efficient and effective, it is time for the systems engineering community to begin looking beyond MBSE .. "

The conference will be held from November 30 – December 2 at the facilities of Cleveland State University Wolstein Center, located at 2000 Prospect Ave. - the periphery of the CSU downtown campus. Registration will open on Monday, July 27, 2015.

For submissions, sponsor/partner or press information contact John Juhasz at [email protected]

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