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FIFA 21 vs. PES Latest Update - Will Gamers Ban FIFA Coins?

Press Release: August 08, 2020

Redwood City - EA headquarters promised this year to bring a new generation of graphics technology into the world's renown video game: FIFA.

The new version of the game, FIFA 21, will use the advanced technology of Play Station 5 and Xbox Series X, while for other consoles like Nintendo Switch, it will use the same technology as previous years. And if you're wondering, the new generation of graphics makes super realistic movements and player's faces possible, the way it would  be hard to distinguish with a real show.

However, the competitor Konami's PES has promised its own fans with a major update instead of a new version this year. They will receive a minimum price from their users to upgrade the graphics and data of their game, while FIFA 21 will be even more expensive, and that has caused lots of negative comments among the fans, expressing their displeasure, and that has put a hold on the number of pre-orders EA is getting for the new game.

EA Sports however is given the word for bigger advances, such as faster loading time and a revolutionized lighting system and a widened audio for the gamers.

"PES21 will release as an affordable paid update for 2021. And 2022 will see PES move to the unreal engine! Looks better than FIFA." said one of the FIFA users. While eFootball reported about PES that PES 2021 being updated instead of a new version will allow the development some spare time to create something "Unreal" for PES 2022 with Konami's intention to move from Fox to Unreal Engine by 2022.

As a result, the current version of PES will still work only with previous generation of consoles and will not be playable on PS5 or SeiesX. But as of PES 22 they will be release versions of their DVD for the NextGen gaming consoles as well and that's how they will make use of better graphics, realistic models of players, advanced physics and higher visual effects.

But as a long time fan of FIFA, it's not even an option to switch to PES if you care about your gaming experience. It's true that PES is going to run significant updates on their myClub and MasterLeague modes and make their fans happier than ever, but FIFA is FIFA!

Many people still love the freedom the game gives them to buy FIFA Coin and upgrade their team in the Ultimate Team mode or (FUT), and that's why boycotting FIFA 21 as a whole is out of question.

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