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Press Release: July 04, 2020

Lucas Felix known professionally Felix Ghost CEO Of Winning records, Winning records is UK based music record label. Wining records label was established with the commitment “to deliver exceptional service through passion, knowledge and expertise” and was established in 2019 by Felix Ghost Lucas. He is a Talent hunter who supports, Promote and Produce best talent through his Record label Company.

After working in the music industry for many years, Felix started to see the power music has to educate the world and allow artists to express themselves and create a state of fulfillment. Many people in the music industry dream of becoming an established artist, connecting with fans on a deep and meaningful level. But for Felix, his dream was to own his own music platform to support artists who come from a less fortunate background, just as he did. With the support and investment from family members, the record label became established.

Winning Records mentors aspiring young artists to get them recognized in the music industry. Keen to ensure the best results through high profile connections with both music artists and other record labels in the UK, establishing unknown music artists is at the core of what Winning Records does. That is not to say that an artist’s success comes without hard work, they believe in artists that are motivated to do their best and appreciate their time in creative writing to bring something new and relatable to society that tells a story. People buy into people and what they can relate to or aspire to be similar too.

Important links to reach out Felix Ghost

Visit:- https://winningrecordsuk.com/

Instagram:- https://www.instagram.com/felixghost_official/?igshid=cbjewdql4emw

IMDb:- https://www.imdb.com/name/nm11682512/

YouTube:- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgydGzhdvvwwdjj_P904usA

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Email: Vikash@doubleclicksolution.com

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