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Feel Safe in the Workplace: Coronavirus PPE Waste Disposal

Press Release: June 23, 2020

Safe disposal of PPE waste to protect against COVID-19 in the workplace

ISM Waste & Recycling today announced COVID-19 PPE waste disposal, a new waste management service to help protect against Coronavirus in the workplace. ISM's PPE disposal is an essential aid for businesses to help reduce the risk of Coronavirus and offers an excellent solution for protecting staff and customers. The three simple steps to dispose of personal protective equipment ensures businesses have a hassle-free solution for dealing with any potentially contaminated waste. 


Benefits of COVID-19 Waste Disposal include.

  • With more people beginning to return to work, PPE will be increasing in public such as on public transport and in the workplace. PPE waste disposal service will allow for a safer working environment. 
  • A simple three-step solution - a safe solution that requires no extra effort.
  • Infected waste requires specialist treatment which comes with a premium. ISM's solution allows for a cheaper way of managing the coronavirus waste with a 72 hour decontamination period


COVID-19 PPE waste disposal will be available starting immediately for both new and existing customers. For more information on Coronavirus PPE waste disposal, visit https://ismwaste.co.uk/waste-management/coronavirus-ppe-waste

ISM Waste & Recycling is an award-winning waste management company. ISM provides waste management, skip hire, recycling and specialist waste services throughout the North West of England, for both commercial and domestic customers. ISM is currently offering specialist PPE disposal services to help keep workplaces save during COVID-19. Safely dispose of PPE (personal protective equipment) to ensure your business remains open and safe for you and your customers. Call us today on 01706 823001 for more information about our services.

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