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FeedPixel's New TikTok Calculator Measures the Earning Potential of a Post For Influencers

Press Release: March 31, 2021

FeedPixel has announced the launch of a new TikTok calculator which lets users quickly measure the engagement and earning potential of a post.

The tool, also known as the TikTok money calculator, shows an engagement graph for the last 50 posts and other key metrics, is accessible online and requires no downloads or installs. FeedPixel says the tool is 97% accurate.

It helps estimate potential earnings from sponsored posts, compares estimated engagement and earnings for multiple profiles, and lets users check how much other influencers could make on TikTok. The launch comes as more brands and influencers move to the social media platform.

Once the username is entered, the system picks that user profile, runs through the last 50 posts, and a total number of followers, likes, comments, shares and views to calculate the average engagement per post, and profile engagement in general. Taking into account a profile's age and its popularity, type of content, niche, the number of followers, and other metrics, the calculator determines the possible range of earnings per sponsored post.

Adam Lopez, CEO of FeedPixel, said: "It took the team of six developers nearly two months to build a new response system to operate quickly and efficiently. Now, when the TikTok calculator is finally live, we are looking for feedback from our users.

Responding to questions about the TikTok calculator's accuracy, Lopez said the 97% accuracy rating is a 12% increase compared to previous results. He added: "FeedPixel's new TikTok calculator is the result of a long-standing influencer culture, 90-day anonymous polling, online research, and data analysis."

More about FeedPixel and its new TikTok calculator and key metrics on its website.

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