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FBASourcingChina- Carry out FBA Sourcing for the Benefit of Amazon Professional Sellers

Press Release: February 15, 2016

FBASourcingChina is a professional FBA sourcing company with many years of experience in the industry. It has local office in China. It is involved in sourcing, preparing, and shipping products to Amazon FBA warehouses. The company focuses on providing professional Amazon sellers across the globe with all services. This includes everything that the seller needs to sell their products in Amazon, ensuring that there is not much stress with anything related to the process.

With the FBA sourcing service of the company, people can easily sit back and have all the processes done by it. The company undertakes everything required for sellers that include ordering from suppliers, labeling, preparing the package, and fix all certifications. It handles the setting up of all marketing materials and carries out delivery to the Amazon warehouse. The company provides the quote wherein the fixed price for one unit is mentioned.

The sellers have to fill a form and send it to the company along with all the information to start. The team that provides sourcing for FBA gets in touch with suppliers in China for getting quotes for local purchase, using which sellers can see the sample quotation. As the company approaches many suppliers, it is possible to check products they offer and then opt for the one that is most suitable. Once sellers make a decision, the company gets in touch with the supplier. After this, the samples are received and approved. It finalizes the purchase and various other aspects of the product. This includes package design and print, instructions for printing, product photography and so much more. Once all this is done, it takes care of the shipping. It packs all the items and ensures to update the seller about the packaging details. Along with this, it prints and puts seller’s FBA stickers and ship to the Amazon warehouses.

This company is amazing for anyone who is looking for a range of FBA sourcing and can get particular services. It customizes services according to the specific needs of sellers.

The company also provides FBA prep service. This includes offering with various aiding services to simplify the process for sellers who are interested to buy from Chinese manufacturers. This includes product inspections wherein proper inspection of products is done. This ensures that any damaged products are returned quickly and are replaced without international postal charges and long wait. The company undertakes barcode printing on the product package by labeling products. To know more about the services visit www.fbasourcingchina.com

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