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@Fashion_Collective_Hub Welcomes Emerging Talents and Designers to Join Off-Scheduler LFW Shows SS19

Press Release: July 17, 2018

@Fashion_Collective_Hub provides opportunities designers all around the world to join off-schedule shows during London Fashion Week and showcase their creativity. And their next show is taking place during fashion week on September18

London Fashion Week is just around the corner. This biannual fashion event will be held for the second time this year on September 20 to 23. While there will be many established brands coming with their latest collection, the scheduled show is not enough to encompass the whole creative scene of emerging talent and designers in the city. This is where @fashion_collective_hub plays its role.

@fashion_collective_hub is the official off-scheduler shows at London Fashion Week. This platform is dedicated to providing opportunities for new talented designers all around the globe and give them a chance to show off their creations in one of the most prominent centers of fashion that is London. This platform is not only created for aspiring designers, also makeup artists, hair stylists and many more. @fashion_collective_hub welcomes everyone who wants to join off-schedule London Fashion Week and hopefully bring their career to the next level.

From year to year, @fashion_collective_hub manages to unearth and discover potential designers and promising brand that can be a great addition to the fashion world. Therefore @fashion_collective_hub is capable to arrange excellent off-schedule LFW shows that can attract presses and fashion enthusiasts from all over the world.

It is undeniable that all eyes will be on the scheduled shows. However, the fashion industry is very competitive and it can be extremely difficult for new designers to be invited to those shows. This is why @fashion_collective_hub is passionate in arranging the best off-schedule shows. Besides, many people are actually genuinely attracted to attend off-schedule shows, especially since some of the established brands, for example, Vetements started showing off-schedule.

There are so many gems discovered in such shows and the designers are not hesitate to bring new global perspective to their design. On-schedule designs sometimes can be very restrained, but off-schedules are fun, groundbreaking, avant-garde and out of the box. To deliver the best fashion show, @fashion_collective_hub is fully supported by Islington Borough and many other partners.

About @Fashion_Collective_Hub

@Fashion_Collective_Hub is the official off-scheduler shows at London Fashion Week. This platform hand-picked established and emerging designers all around the world to showcase their creations in the off-schedule shows during LFW. It aspires to discover new brands and talents and give them opportunities to reach more audiences and finally find their own market in the cutthroat and competitive world of fashion. @fashion_collective_hub also have worked with various established brands like ASOS, River Island, and many others.

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