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Press Release: March 31, 2017


Fashion Magazine For Men AMD MODECOM Announces Latest Arrivals!

Contrary to age-old popular myth that the word “Fashion” is the sole-property of the fairer sex, contemporary world has accepted the claim of gentlemen as well, that they also want to get a lion’s share in up-to-date fashion techniques. Added to this claim is the availability of Internet Browsing, to peep into the Fashion World, even if it exists at the other end of the globe. In support of this vehement claim, here comes an announcement from AMD MODCOM (http://www.amdmode.com/) unquestionably one of its kind Fashion Magazine For Men that men need not look beyond their site, for gaining complete information and knowledge about today’s Men’s Fashion.
The announcement informs that the awareness among men about their appearance, style and life-style has already reached its crescendo. The reason as attributed by this Men Magazine is that there is a total revolution among men folk, in their outlook and aspirations in life. Thanks to the Internet, the world has shrunk into a small village, where territorial boundaries of sea, mountains and deserts have been smashed into pieces, and people living in the far end of the world have become neighbors next door.
Therefore men read, see and hear whatever happens in the outside world instantly and immediately. Men’s behavioral changes - be it lifestyle, dresses, accessories, hairstyle, societal approach etc. spread fast like wild-fire, in every country in the nook and corner of the universe. Thus the inherent desire to look “decent and fashionable” in men gets kindled.
AMD MODCOM in their announcement categorically asserts that this appetite for information gets quenched by visiting their site, where A to Z about Men’s Fashion matters are readily available. Their Men Online Magazine contains overwhelming tips about Cars, Watches, Dresses, and other items every man would like to use, and be proud about it.
Their Men Magazine website opens up section after section, with alluring photographs and videos to acquaint with the updated knowledge of Men’s Fashion. A complete Fashion Guide illustrates Fashion Tips, Must Have products and merchandise and goes on and on.
In the “Runway” Section, modern gentleman can see how the fashions of dresses change from season to season. The trendy haute couture for every season is shown in colorful photographs, as moving slides to attract attention of the visitors. Each photograph entails complete details published in text, elaborately.
The Men Magazine section contains models of suits and attires manufactured and marketed by internationally popular Fashion Houses and Brands. Beauty Interviews, Celebrity Interviews, Fashion Interviews, Reports and Editorial etc. throw more light on the subjects of today’s fashion episodes.
In the “Appearance” Section, numerous details are given about Men’s Beauty Care, Grooming products and merchandise, their descriptions and availability details with Brands etc., as also exhaustive information made available on Health and Diet to keep fit.
In their “Lifestyle” Section, visitors are pampered with exclusive and exhaustive information about world Destinations, Posh and Budget Hotels for comfortable stay, Restaurants where tongue-watering cuisine varieties can be tasted, Artifacts made available and even one-on-one tips as how to be professional in dressing and behaving in entertainment places etc. are provided.
The announcement from AMD MODCOM invites all fashion-conscious males to make a visit to http://www.amdmode.com/) and get benefited.

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