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Fashion Crazed to now Feature Plus Size Fashion

Press Release: February 03, 2010

It is a common fact that the average dress size for a British woman is a size 16, whilst the average size for an American woman is a dress size 14. So with that in mind Fashion Crazed believes that it is important to include more features which are orientated towards the average woman and further include images which reflect these womens figures.

In recent times there has been a significant increase in the number of plus size models used by the fashion industry. Most notable was the use of plus size models by Mark Fast at London Fashion Week last year. However this has sparked much debate not only amongst fashion insiders but also amongst the general public. The use of plus size models at such a prestigious fashion event was very much viewed as a controversy by some. Whilst on the other hand many hailed it as revolutionary and a positive change. These people were tired of seeing unhealthy looking models command the catwalk and were happy to see the image of curvaceous women being promoted across the world.

Fashion Crazed is an online website which aims to bring its readers the latest news and happenings from the fashion world on a bi-weekly basis. Fashion Crazed further strives to highlight the emerging trends from within the fashion industry and deliver solutions to many of the fashion dilemmas which are common to so many women. Moreover the website is dedicated to providing its readers with an insight into the latest must have clothes and accessories as well as the latest information on fashion events from across the world.

Following on from Mark Fasts lead V Magazine has recently launched a special edition of the magazine which features the use of plus size models. However, despite this increase in awareness and the improved use of plus size models it seems apparent that there is a distinct lack of media imagery which reflects the average woman. Rather instead the media, especially the fashion media, is predominately dominated by size zero models. In fact all too often many plus size women feel that they must go to a specialist website aimed specifically focused on plus size fashion to find imagery and content which reflects them and their fashion needs.

Fashion Crazed hopes by including more articles aimed at plus size women and images featuring such women it will cater more adequately to the needs of women of all shapes. Fashion Crazed further hopes that the inclusion of such material will challenge the stereotype of many who believe that to be beautiful and fashionable you must be stick thin. Rather Fashion Crazed aims to support the stance that beauty comes in a variety of forms and that being a size 16 or bigger does not mean that you cannot dress stylishly.

To find out more about Fashion Crazed or to read future features about plus size fashion the visit http://www.fashioncrazed.com/

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