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Far from predictable Valentines gift for your girlfriend

Press Release: January 18, 2010

Valentines Day falls on a Sunday this year, which means youve got a whole weekend to show your nearest and dearest how much they mean to you. You want to show them that theyre the best thing that ever happened to you and that you just simply cant live without them, but youre unsure that yet another dozen red roses are enough. Here at Find Me A Gift, we think gift giving should be fun, imaginative and off the cuff; not a quick trip to the petrol station for their last drooping bouquet! Dont suffer in silence on the high streets, take a look at Find Me A Gifts best-selling Valentines day gifts and youre sure to find something far more original than a box of posh chocolates!

A great way to show your girlfriend or wife how much you love them is to surprise them with a Valentines breakfast in bed. Sundays are a day of rest after all, so a lovely fry up and a nice cup of tea is the ideal way to start your day in bed! Instead of reaching for that crusty old frying pan hidden at the back of the cupboard, why not serve her some eggs sunny side up from the Heart Frying Pan? This cute culinary delight is a black non-stick frying pan with a moulded in heart design! You could even cute little hearts out of some toast for that extra soppy surprise. Cooking her breakfast in bed will win you points alone but with two egg shaped hearts and a nice hot cup of tea, youre sure to be in for some dessert!

So thats the eggs sorted and were pretty sure you can tackle the bacon, beans and sausage but how about making her breakfast tray extra special with the Silver Love Heart? This beautiful silver plated love heart is designed from the classic Love Heart sweets and features I Love You embossed on the front! Its presented in a stunning gift box which folds out to reveal the ever-lasting love heart, but why not hide it somewhere on the tray for her to find? No, dont try and be clever and hide it in her baked beans! Gently place this little love token on her breakfast serviette and shell literally beam when she sets eyes on your heartfelt love declaration!

Now with all these thoughtful deeds, your work should be recognised, appreciated and rewarded. We all know how much women love chocolate and breakfast is the most important meal of the day so the Chocolate Willy Spread is obviously the perfect dessert, for you and her! This moreish little delicacy includes a 40g pot of chocolate willy spread, a miniature silver-plated spreading knife and even some serving suggestions on the back of the gift pack! A much more tasteful Valentines gift than a standard box of chocolates Im sure youll agree!

Find Me A Gift show that Valentines gifts dont have to be predictable and boring. There are plenty of imaginative and fun ideas out there, so get out of your armchair and make your girlfriend giggle this Valentines with some unique (and naughty) gifts!

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