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Fantastic saving on flights to Accra

Press Release: December 03, 2009

Accra ,Ghana is a country with traditional towns and villages worth exploring. The rich and distinct heritage, history and culture of our people is evident in all ten regions of Ghana. The sandy beaches along the coastline are lined with coconut trees and resorts for the comfort of leisure tourists. Community-based ecotourism sites can be found across the country. several international airlines including Ghana international airlines operates regular scheduled flights to Accra also flights from Ghana Accra to major cities in North America,Europe,Africa and middle east.

To enhance a holiday in a town that is famous for its fine public buildings reflecting its transition, endowed with luxury as well as great value hotels, excellent restaurants and nightclubs. You won't want to miss shopping at most famous markets of Accra like makola market located in Kojo Thompson road, where market stalls are illuminated by hundreds of lanterns and candles. If you want to spend your time in such a place where you can make fun out of your holidays then visit Accra. Flights to Accra provide you affordable Flights to Accra on very cheap fare.

Here you will learn about all of the historical Roman events that took place way back in time, lending to the famous history this town has to offer. So Plan your holidays to Accra,Ghana and book cheap flights to accra,with flightstoaccra.co.uk. Booking a flight with Accra Flights is your guarantee of traveling with a reliable operator with years of experience in getting UK travellers flying to Ghana

The National Museum Accra:
Located on Barnes Road, this fine museum houses a fascinating collection of Ghana's historical treasures. The exhibits housed under the two-tiered rotunda of the museum comprise much more than Ghanaian Culture alone, and include a collection of the neighboring West African countries as well as an archaeological department located in a hall on the first floor.

One of the museum's ground-floor wings is devoted to temporary exhibitions which can range from contemporary dyed fabrics to traditional and even sacred artifacts such as the celebrated Ashanti
ancestor stools.
Independence Square Accra:
The venue for many national celebrations, dominated by the independence arch and the memorial to Unknown Soldier
The Du Bois Memorial Center for Pan-Africa Culture:

A source of inspiration to many, this Centre now houses a research library and gallery of manuscripts, as well as the grave of this famous African-American scholar and his wife.
Somewhere in the recesses of the City of Accra called Cantonments, where the calm air, the cool trees, and the sunshine combine to produce a unique serenity; where the songs of the birds provide a sort of euphoria; there, in that tranquillity, squats a house, No. 22 First Circular Road, which has been dedicated and consecrated to the memory of a man who loved Africa where he traced his roots, a modest man, but whose life and works raised him above ordinary men and placed him among the great men of all time - Dr. William Edward Burghardt Du Bois.

Popular resort area and a favorite base for water sports and game fishing.
25km west of Accra, Kokrobite is also home to the Academy of African Music and Arts.
One great little hostle is called Big Milly's Backyard. A small hotel for rucksack travellers. Simple. Cosy. A garden surrounded with walls with small houses, rooms, cold beer and a snack three times a day. Wendy is Big Milly. A somewhat elder English woman who found her spot in Ghana. Very nice setting and well worth the short drive out of Accra. Definitely worth the short drive out of Accra.
This is most popular beach during holidays and weekends and is located behind Labadi Beach Hotel
Next Door, a perfect and excellent beach resort-complex is a model of excellent of international standard worthy of mention. The peace and tranquillity reigning in the hearts of lovers and people are ever present at this resort. It is simply a pictorial story you need to know and consume as first hand information about this earthly paradise, which is on the Accra-Teshie road.
After passing by the Military Academy and its environs, driving towards the township of Teshie, Next Door can found on the right side of the road.


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