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Famous architectural sites around the world

Press Release: April 01, 2010

If anyone wishes to travel abroad, he should choose the best viewable sites in terms of natural scenes, historical and modern buildings, topography and rich culture. There are numerous tourist spots across the globe, which can attract the tourists from all places of the universe. However, there are obviously certain travel destinations, which are unrivalled. They are known as seven wonders of the world as they resemble all the natural and cultural qualities, which most tourists prefer to view.

These marvelous traveling places can be explored at http://www.wondersoftheallworld.com/ Though no ranking has been assigned to these natural spots. But each of the seven wonders shares equivalent status. These wondrous places for their enchanting beauties and rich cultural heritage are very popular among the travelers. Great Wall of China is the first name among these seven wonders. This wall stretches across the northern frontier of china and was created in 16 century to protect the nation against enemy attack. The 2nd wonder is, Petra in Jordon. This monument is a rock archaelogical site, which delights the tourists with its classic design.

The symbol of Lord Jesus Christ in Brazil is also great place for the followers of Christian religion. The fourth spot is Machu Pichu in Peru. The tourists come to see it mainly due to its high altitude, which is 7000 ft above the sea level. People can view the Chichen Itza pyramid, which provides glimpses of old mayans and incas cities. Tajmahal in India is a famous monument, which was built by mughal emperor in remembrance of his beloved queen Mumtaj Begum. The last wonderful destination of the series is Colosseum in Rome, which was in ancient time known as symbol of Italy.

To get memorable experiences of ancient architectures, people should visit these wonderful places. For further informations regarding these spots, just click at
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