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Press Release: December 08, 2020

Date : 7/12/2020
Place : KOCHI

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Architecture is a visual art. A R Architects are one of the leading and well known arhitecture in India located in Kochi. Asif Ahmed, now the trending name in Architectural industry India. He proved himself very good at detailing with interior design and landscape architecture. The results are that his buildings set high standards in terms of the general design, detailing, aesthetics values while at the same time looking after the varied practical requirements of a multitude of clients from different walks of life. He has done his projects in categories such as Residential, Group housing, Interiors, Industrial, Corporate Interiors, and Commercial etc. and have a wealth of experience in dealing with all aspects of such projects. Asif Ahmed, the best and top Architect from Kochi (Cochin), Kerala is now the leading and famous in India having clients around the globe.


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