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Families around the world have made star naming a tradition for since 1979!

Press Release: May 31, 2019

International Star Registry celebrates 40 years of bringing the universe to millions.
It might seem like a new idea to many, but naming a star through International Star Registry® has become a beautiful tradition for generations of families around the world. Thousands of customers name stars for new babies each year to continue a convention begun by their grandparents when they were born. Others name stars in loving memory of family and friends. And some visit www.starregistry.com® to name stars for each new married couple as their families expand. Other families name stars for each christening, graduation, or confirmation. The stories behind each star named are as unique as the stars themselves.
International Star Registry first conceived to the idea of naming stars and permanently recording all of the star names for future generations 4 decades ago. “Our customers share so many moving stories about the stars they name, and the stars they had named for them” says Rocky Mosele, President of International Star Registry, “We knew we had begun something special, but knowing that we have brought so much joy, comfort, and so many warm memories to people makes me indescribably proud.”
This manner of naming stars is unique. These star names are not used by scientists, but are instead created as an heirloom record for stargazers like you and me. Because each star has a story, Star Registry has always taken the business of recording the star names seriously. These star names with their unique telescopic coordinates have been recorded in 10 hardbound and copyrighted volumes of the ONLY permanently published catalog of star names in the world, YOUR PLACE IN THE COSMOS. They are also a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.
What began as a unique way to give a meaningful gift to the people closest to us grew quickly into something much bigger. The historic catalog of stars named through International Star Registry is impressive. Stars have been named to honor of Heads of State, royalty, every US president elected since 1953, heroes, celebrities, sports legends, and astronauts.
Today the International Star Registry parchment certificate has been featured on television, in movies, and is proudly displayed in over 3 million homes all over the world.
All customers receive the same distinctive Star Registry® certificate that has been featured in movies and on television, a sky chart indicating the star’s location, and a booklet on astronomy. Other popular upgrades introduced over the years include custom framing, a photographic sky image of the star, engraved sterling silver jewelry, and elegant hand calligraphy making the International Star Registry® certificate a unique work of art.
If your family deserves a place among the stars as well, naming a star at www.starregistry.com makes an extraordinary once in a lifetime gift that is never forgotten!

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