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Facing Mass Redundancy? Know your Redundancy Rights!

Press Release: February 19, 2010

Do workers know their redundancy rights? Where an investor takes over a company such as Kraft and Cadburys, employees jobs are protected by UK employment law on redundancy. However many employees facing mass redundancy in businesses across the UK are unaware of their redundancy rights.

The decline of the car industry amongst others during the recession has seen investment come in from overseas into well known British brands such as Jaguar Land Rover, Premiership football clubs and now Cadburys chocolate. Redundancies sometimes follow big investment and if the press is to be believed, further job losses are to be expected at Cadburys and Jaguar Land Rover.

An Employment law solicitor at the Internet law firm EMP Assist highlighted the law on redundancy as it stands now:

When an investor takes over a company, employees jobs are protected under the Transfer of Equity Regulations states that any redundancy is an automatic unfair dismissal.
The news from EMP Assist must be music to the ears of anyone facing redundancy after a company takeover. Knowing your redundancy rights could be worth damages on top of statutory redundancy pay, up to the value of £63,500. The employment law solicitor at EMP Assist added:

Unfair dismissal rights extend to employees made redundant after a buyout. You can claim unfair dismissal even if you have been employed for less than a year.
People are often surprised to learn their redundancy rights when they speak to a professional employment law solicitor, as the law on matters like redundancy and unfair dismissal are not common knowledge. If you are facing redundancy, a call to an Employment law solicitor is a good place to start.

EMP Assist is an online brand for MacIntyre Clark LLP. Established in 2008 EMP Assist Solicitors give legal advice to both employers and employees with regards to employment law. We work to ensure employees' rights are met and employers are protected from claims to unfair dismissal, harassment or discrimination. We are often able to settle employment law cases without the need for a tribunal court. Additionally we have secured compensation for clients. Employment Rights are Human Rights.

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