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eZee Technosys does its first Angel Investment

Press Release: February 16, 2017

eZee Technosys, the radical hospitality solutions provider on the trajectory of growth and development did its first angel investment in Travinns Technology LLP, an OTA and Revenue Management enterprise.

Investing for an enduring business endeavor with Travinns, eZee has initiated a major role for initial expansion in hospitality industry beginning with Indian sub-continent.

Small and mid-sized, as well as newbie hoteliers have their concerns revolving around getting more bookings or simply receive constant bookings, along with minimal desire to invest in technology capitally or in terms of resources. Travinns is a Bangalore-based startup which was instituted with an aim to minimize the efforts of a small and mid-sized hotelier to upsurge their bookings. It works towards giving an upturn in the bookings, besides taking care of website designing, OTA management, reservation handling, channel optimization and online review management of a hotel, without the hotel actually having to invest a capital or any resources on technology.

Hitesh Patel, Co-founder and Managing Director of eZee Technosys says, ‘Taking this step was absolutely a no-brainer once we understood Travinns’ business model. It is truly a winning one, which matched our purpose of empowering small and mid-sized hoteliers on a large scale. Opting for Travinns is going to give a hike to their bookings, and eventually upsurge their revenue with no investment in technology.’

With this partnership, Travinns is utilizing eZee’s cutting-edge software for the hotels enrolled with minimal charges. With prominence in South Indian hospitality industry for now, eZee as a first angel investor for Travinns is turning out to be a flourishing attempt for both the organizations. Summarily, any hotel enrolled with Travinns will run on eZee’s technology without using it and simply get notified on receiving bookings from Travinns.

‘Travinns received its first angel investment from eZee. Owing to this step, we plan on expanding our team and taking our infrastructure to the next level. We also propose to make the most of this investment by moving ahead in the direction of acquiring more and more number of hotels under our business model. Moreover, because of eZee’s thorough experience of last 10 years in the industry; we’re all set to thrive under their expert guidance and mentoring.’, says Bineesh Kumar, Travinns’ CEO.

On the other hand, eZee plans to bring in more startups for investment and heave all kinds of hoteliers with its technology and a winning business model. This venture was also marked as eZee’s pioneer investment in its course of action to expand and establish a strong brand name in the hospitality industry.

About eZee Technosys

eZee Technosys is one of the few hospitality solutions providers in the world, offering a complete suite of IT solutions for the hospitality industry that cover hotel management, web booking engine, online room distribution, restaurant management, guest feedback and mobile applications and more. eZee Technosys today serves more than 6000 clients in 140 plus countries across the globe. Their global presence has been further solidified through their strong network of more than 200 Channel Partners.

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