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Extra Mile Day Movement Shines Light on 1,000 Volunteer Heroes

Press Release: August 13, 2015

575 Cities Go the Extra Mile with November 1 Declaration.

Los Angeles, CA, August 11, 2015 -- The number of cities declaring November 1 Extra Mile Day continues to soar. With 150 cities currently onboard for 2015, it is expected that over 575 mayors from across the U.S. will recognize this passionate movement celebrating individual heroes and organizations that are “going the extra mile” in service and volunteerism.

In association with Extra Mile America, mayors from both sides of the political aisle are coming together to join the mission. At a time when many are demanding changes in service and opportunity, Extra Mile Day shines a light on the heroes who are creating community transformation and reminds us all that creating change is always possible in ourselves, families, organizations and communities when we “go the extra mile.”

Extra Mile Day is the vision of motivational speaker and author Shawn Anderson. First spreading the “go the extra mile” message in 2009, Anderson used a symbolic 4,000-mile ocean-to-ocean bike ride. On the solo ride, the non-bicyclist interviewed over 200 people who had been identified as going the extra mile in overcoming setback or who had risked everything in order to accomplish something extraordinary. It was on that tour that Extra Mile Day was established with 23 cities making the inaugural declaration.

“I believe life’s real heroes are the ones who unselfishly give of themselves to purposes that make life better for others,” Anderson shares. “It’s the teacher spending after school hours in preparation, the volunteer serving food to the homeless, and the neighbor mowing the lawn for a busy neighbor. Gestures big and small make a difference.”

“The ‘go the extra mile’ message gives people an option to just throwing their arms in the air and saying ‘I give up’ when life punches them in the gut,” Anderson says. “‘Going the extra mile’ is about choosing to quit complaining about all that is wrong in our lives, and instead, taking action to initiate the change we desire.”

Anderson and his team have expanded the audience for the message and are now taking it to an international stage, starting with an August 2015 speaking tour in the Philippines that is expected to draw thousands of people.

“We wait for a government program, a boss, or a spouse to make our lives better. That’s the wrong strategy. It’s up to us. It’s you and me looking in the mirror and saying ‘It’s my time to make a difference,’” Anderson shares. “Extra Mile Day is a reminder of the power we each have to make change happen when we choose to do more, give more, and go the extra mile.”

For more information about Extra Mile Day, visit ExtraMileAmerica.org.

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