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Express Your Opinions and Share Your Views

Press Release: July 02, 2020

<h2><a href="https://entrepreneurmap.com/soapbox/" title="soapbox">soapbox</a> is a simple platform where you can express your opinions and share your views without interference.</h2>

<p><strong>Freedom of expression is being suppressed today.</strong> As you well know many news and social media platforms have become very narrow and slanted in their social and political views. They will only allow or create content that fits with their specific agenda.</p>

<p>soapbox offers everyone a place to express their views and opinions on any subject.</p>

<p>The idea is for soapbox to be a place where we can all discuss hot button issues in an adult way without resorting to personal attacks and trolling.</p>

<p>It's also a useful tool if you want to test a concept or an idea out for its effectiveness. Create a soapbox post using a pseudonym and then share it with those you want to get feedback from.</p>

Notes to editors

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