Press Release: May 26, 2015

Jane Evans, of Channel 5's My Violent Child, reveals how a stressful childhood can impact your parenting ability and your relationship with your child.

Parenting is the hardest thing most people do, it can be made harder if a parent grew up experiencing harsh parenting, domestic abuse or parental mental illness.

Jane Evans, who recently appeared on Channel 5's, My Violent Child, offers an understanding of how childhood trauma impact children and parenting and wants to raise awareness of how often trauma derails parenting and the parent-child relationship.

Jane speaking before the launch of a new resource to help parents impacted by trauma says “We tend to think of ‘trauma’ as big one-off tragic events but many families can experience a range of trauma every day. Domestic abuse, angry break ups or parental mental illness can impact a child's development and well-being."

Exploring trauma in childhood is vital but it can be difficult to start those important conversations, to address this Jane will publish Parenting Impacted by Trauma, a pack of conversation cards to help parents gently explore the impact of childhood trauma and to relate it to their own parenting capacity and daily experiences.

The cards have been designed to be used by professional to help them have a clearer understanding of why their client is struggling in areas of their parenting, and with their relationship with their child. It will begin to connect with the idea that it relates to having grown up and lived with too much stress and trauma, rather than because they are a ‘bad parent’ or their child has ‘problems'. This simple tool can also be used for running parenting groups.

Parenting Impacted by Trauma cards launch 24th June and contain 48 compelling questions . The cards are published by Fink Cards, priced at £14.99 and available from www.finkcards.com
For more information visit: www.parentingposttrauma.co.uk or tel: 020 8242 4055
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About Jane Evans

Jane Evans who has been working with families with complex needs around early childhood trauma for over 2 decades.
As a passionate advocate of offering an understanding of the impact of early childhood trauma in all areas of our lives, Jane speaks and trains around the World. Jane has written 2 books to be used for young children who have lived with domestic violence and her work with traumatised families has also featured in Channel 5’s documentary ‘My Violent Child’.

For more information visit: www.parentingposttrauma.co.uk
Twitter: @janeparenting2

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