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Experiences in North England that You Must Do With Your Woofer

Press Release: September 02, 2020

With foreign holidays virtually certified non-existent, it should come as no surprise that Brits are frantically searching for destinations to take a fun-filled staycation.

Google Search trends note that searches for travelling to Cumbria are up 270 per cent YoY while there are almost 10,000 additional searches for travelling to Northumberland.

The latter of the two offers endless rolling hills, stunning landscapes, and unspoilt beaches, while Cumbria, home to the Lake District, is awash with spectacular scenery, history, and wildlife — the perfect place for a tranquil break away from the stresses of modern life, particularly in the current climate.

While you might be rather disappointed that your holiday to the south of Spain has been put on hold for the foreseeable, what a staycation offers, asides from the best of Britain, is an opportunity to go away with your beloved canine.

Realistically, there’s few things worse in life than the excitement of your holiday being quashed thanks to the fact you’ve had to drop your pooch off at the kennels before you depart.

Well, now you don’t have to — and even better than that, we’re going to provide you with some of the best places to take your furry friend when you’re holidaying in the north of England to ensure you both have a time to fur-member.


The areas of Northumberland and Tyne & Wear are home to some of the most beautiful and undeniably idyllic beaches in the country.

Beadnell, situated between Amble and Berwick-upon-Tweed, is the only west-facing harbour on the entirety of the east coast. Rated five out of five on Trip Advisor, Beadnell is continually described as a haven for dog walkers.

Down the coast in Tynemouth, Longsands is one of the UK’s most well attended beaches, with sun-seekers flocking at any given opportunity. What some might not know however is that at the far-end of the considerable expanse of sand, towards Cullercoats, there is a dog friendly stretch, where dogs can roam until their heart’s content.


One thing you won’t be short of in the north of England is a place to walk that incorporates breath-taking views. Head to Keswick in Cumbria for one of the most awe-inspiring treks around the shoreline of Derwentwater.

Despite being a ten mile journey around the circuit, which starts at the National Trust Shop and ending at Portinscale village, the terrain throughout is pretty flat so even the smallest of dogs should manage at a slow pace — Keswick is often described as the most pet-friendly location in the UK so consider a visit an absolute must!

The Northumberland National Park, meanwhile, has a number of touch points worth your attention but perhaps the most beautiful is that of Sycamore Gap, a short drive away from Hexham. The infamous tree at Sycamore Gap featured in the Robin Hood film Prince of Thieves but the area as a whole is awash with stunning scenery. All in all, you’ll be walking for around four miles, taking in the likes of the Roman Fort and the lake, somewhere you’re dog will absolutely love — just remember to pop them on a lead as you pass by the sheep, to avoid spooking the animals!


Pubs and eateries

No good holiday is complete without the possibility of indulging in a well-cooked meal and a perfectly poured pint — two things that the north of England offers in abundance.

The small village of Amble, which sits on the edge of the coast is home to, yes, you guessed it, The Amble Inn Pub. A host of local real ales are on offer or if you’re after something a bit sweeter then perhaps a scrumptious English cider will tickle your fancy — savour every sip in the summer garden while your dog can take the opportunity to rehydrate too. If you’re after accommodation too, look no further than the Inn, which also welcomes your pooch to stay!

Just outside Newcastle city centre you’ll find the Bluebell pub, tucked in between the suburbs of Sandyford, Jesmond, and Heaton, in the lesser known Jesmond Vale. Pop in for a pint and some of the best pub grub you’ll find in the North East and your dog will be allowed to help itself  to some delicious scooby snacks. The pub sits on the cusp of the beautiful Jesmond Dene, making for the perfect trail once you’ve finished up.


If you haven’t explored the north of England then now is the time and with the number of places on offer to take your dog, you’d be a fool not too!


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