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Experience the same satisfaction As a Smoking Nocotine with Electronic Cigarette

Press Release: March 25, 2010

Live Healthy-with right cigarette
It is rightly said that health is wealth and in todays world health has become a priority for everyone. We all know the adverse effects that smoking has on a persons health as well as the anti-social aspect of smoking now. It is extremely difficult for a chain smoker to give up smoking as it can take years to get over the cravings. Now there is an alternative solution to quiting smoking that is healthy, cheap and a real alternative to the traditional smoking. It is called the Ecirette, the Electronic Cigarette, and now it is also available online. It can be ordered from www.ecirettesolutions.com.
The website details all you need to know about electric cigarettes. The original cigarette is made up of tobacco and nicotine which have bad and dangerous effects on a persons health. Instead, a smoker should try the electronic cigarettes as an alternative. It does not have nicotine or tobacco. It is also odor free. A person can smoke anywhere be it office, home or while traveling. The electronic cigarettes UK have an atomization chamber which is inhaled and creates steam like smoking. It also has an indicator light which turns red in color from the tip when the puff begins
Everyone is aware of the menace that cigarettes create. It is found out in a study that one cigarette reduces the life of a person by eleven minutes. So, on an average reduces 14 years of a persons life The tobacco and nicotine component have a fatal effect on a person. It is injurious for a pregnant woman and might create disorders in the child. So if it is difficult to quit smoking, why cant we switch on to the alternative? With the coming up of this site ordering the electric cigarettes UK has become a childs play. The taste is similar to the original cigarette but does not have any cancer causing element like nicotine or tobacco.
The online electronic cigarettes while respiring gives a vapor which is harmless. The nicotine is held in the cartridge and works with the battery. The liquid is heated up and goes to the entire body and gives the same satisfaction like an original cigarette. But this electronic cigarettes Ireland needs to be charged and the indicator indicates when the battery has to be charged by flashing. The battery is fully charged in an hour and a half and lasts for a day if a person smokes normally.
The nicotine cartridge has a similar taste like tobacco. It also has different volumes for different smokers. So what are you waiting for? Order your Ecirette- online electric cigarettes today at www.ecirettesolutions.com. A fox changes its skin but not its habits so dont change your habit of smoking but use a better alternative. This innovative device does not create smoke like cigarettes and dont stain hands or teeth. So order it today. And save yourself from the harmful effects of smoking. Remember a sound mind in a sound body

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