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Experience the Power of Cloud Backup Servic

Press Release: March 19, 2019

Losing data that is invaluable would be frustrating and stressful if there is no other way to recover it. Invaluable data can by anything that you would never want to lose such as office documents, personal documents, the first photo of kids, etc.

Using Cloud Backup Service one can rest easy by protecting important data from being stolen, protection from ransomware or from getting corrupted. And the best part is you never have to worry about losing business-critical or personal data again.

If you have a single copy of all documents then buying a pen drive or external hard drives might solve the problem temporarily. But, it's not the ideal solution for the data you want to protect, for one can lose the pen drive, or damage the hard drive from accidental drops. Free yourself from such worries by signing up Interpole's Cloud Backup Service that protects data and is simple to restore.

According to an endpoint security provider Sophos, about 76% of Indian businesses became the victim of cyber attacks in the past year, the highest after Mexico and France. About 17% had no clue how long it was in the environment before it was detected. It is better to safeguard your data than lose all of it.

Also about 67% of businesses in India became victims of ransomware and about 91% of them claimed to be running up-to-date endpoint protection when attacked.

Interpole's Cloud Backup Service is suitable for individuals as well as all types of businesses to backup and restore data. It also supports versioning to manage multiple version of a single file, where one can recover for a particular date and restore it for use.

Interpole's Cloud Backup Service has the following features

1. Automatic backup
2. Multiple Backup sets
3. Version control
4. AES-256 at-rest file encryption
5. Set CPU usage
6. Customize deleted file retention
7. Compatible with Mac, Linux, and Windows

Along with the above features, their dedicated support is available by both email and phone to resolve if any issue arises. Restoring data just got easier, one can restore all the files using the desktop application or browser.

Automated intelligent backup continuously takes backup of files from the current directory making it easy to restore the files. There is no manual intervention involved to initiate the backup, all the process takes place in the background.

One can set an easy custom retention policy allowing the users to control how long to keep the backup file. Files stored are encrypted with industry standard 256-bit AES data encryption at rest, configurable security settings, and BAA available to support HIPAA compliance needs.

Interpole is offering 7 days free trial of their new product Cloud Backup Service allowing users to experience it first hand before subscribing for the service. You can get it by visiting here https://interpole.net/cloud-backup-service/

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