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Exercise can help cure mental illness – educogym Canary Wharf discuss why training with them is good for your body and mind

Press Release: August 09, 2018

A recent study has proven shown that regular exercise isn’t just good for your body, but for your mental health. educogym canary Wharf discuss why regular exercise is so beneficial to you.

The recent study, found that those that exercised had 1.5 less ‘bad days’ to those that didn’t exercise, the survey was of a whopping 1.2 million people, the biggest of its kind. “of course in this kind of study there are so many variables, however it is obvious that the results are right, exercise makes you feel good, wakes you up and refreshed you, releases hormones that can make you feel better, and obviously losing weight and being healthier would make anyone feel better both physically and mentally” explained educogym Canary Wharf personal trainer Godfrey Nurse.
Educogym Canary Wharf are a personal training studio based in the Isle of Dogs, they specialise in getting their clients in the best shape of their lives using the obvious, nutrition and training, but also the biggest aspect, the mind! “We have amazing training facilities, and focus on short but intense 20 minute workouts 3-5 times a week, we have fantastic nutrition, food plans and more, but our biggest focus is the mind, and how gaining control over your mind plays such a huge role in fat loss, so we also strongly believe that exercise is a great way to keep your mind healthy” explained Orlstyne Wilson an educogym Canary Wharf personal trainer.

The findings also stated that doing too much exercise could have a negative affect, limiting exercise days to 23 days a month, and roughly 30 minutes each time you exercise is ideal. Group activities also had a very positive affect “at educogym canary Wharf you are always coached by your own personal trainer, and sometimes in a group of 2 once you are comfortable if you chose, this means you are never alone, and reduces the feeling of isolation some participants in the study may feel” explained Godfrey Nurse, educogym Canary Wharf personal trainer.

Do you find exercise is a great key to beating ‘bad days’? Or are you struggling to start? Get in touch with educogym Canary Wharf for a free consultation and see how they may be able to helo both your body and mind!

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