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Exciting Offer! Flat 20% Discount on SpotnEats For 2020 On-Demand Food Delivery New Startups

Press Release: February 21, 2020

February 21, 2020: 

Thanks to all incredible on-demand food delivery apps, getting favorite food from anywhere is easier than never. The drastic features in on-demand food delivery apps will not only offer benefits to the customer and it is also beneficial to the seller side in terms of cost-cutting, online presence, customer satisfaction. SpotnEats, a solution to start your own startup in the food delivery business with less investment. SpotnEats is available now at 20% off. This offer ends soon. Quickly availing this offer and be ready to start your own venture in this new year 2020. 

SpotnEats, a customized solution from Uplogic Technologies allows you to develop UberEats-like food delivery services. This app solution is mainly targeted on the restaurant owners and delivery partners who want to make a huge profit within a short span of time. To cope up with new exciting features like interactive food listing, real-time tracking of orders, micro-macro level dashboard management, SpotnEats surely make you on top of the on-demand food delivery market. 

Uplogic Technologies, the ultimate choice of the people who had a new startup idea in the on demand industry nowadays. It has been in the business of on demand app development for the last two years. The company, well known for its attention to unique service, creativity and 360-degree guidance globally. A team of well knowledge developers to build your startup according to the present needs and they are ready to assist for further proceedings to meet future trends. We announced the flat 20% discount for the promising product SpotnEats especially to those who are interested to create new startup this year.  

“Our company focuses on quality generated mobile app development that aim to enhance the customers’ business and functioning in the on demand food delivery industry. I believe in keeping the client with the loop with consistent updates regarding the product features and offers. Now, I am glad to announce the offer for one of the unique products SpotnEats and I wish every entrepreneur are encouraged to avail this offer for their new startup in on demand food delivery ” - CEO, Uplogic technologies.   

For more information visit www.spotneats.com

Why SpotnEats?

The dedicated features in our product for customers, restaurant owners, delivery partners and admin are completely customizable. In the latest SpotnEats module, custom payment integration, cross-platform support, incurring UI/UX design are added to meet the recent trends in the on-demand food delivery industry. Applications with Artificial Intelligence also lineup to meet future aspects. 

To know more about SpotnEats, please refer to SpotnEats blogs. Please feel free to contact them and clear your doubts by contacting them at [email protected].

Hurry up! Availing this 20% offer and starts your dream venture in the food delivery business with our SpotnEats solution. 

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