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Exceptionally Secure Internet Fax Services: iFax App

Press Release: May 02, 2019

Security threat and risks can loom over any organisation if proper steps have not been taken to safeguard the information. Industries such as Healthcare, Legal and Reality have seen to be utilizing the maximum number of faxes per year as compared to any other segment.

More often than not, these documents contain confidential information and especially ePHI (electronic personal health information) hence, requires a more firm tool than the traditional fax machine. With the rising of smartphones and apps, even the fax process has transformed into its digital form further presenting us with internet fax services.

iFax is one of the most reputable names in the faxing industry, gaining immense popularity due to the world’s first fax app. Their mobile fax machine has grown in every front since then onwards. While fax is still evolving, iFax has become a platform for effortless faxing. The most comforting feeling of using an iFax app is that you can send and receive online faxes absolutely carefree because of its 128-bit TLS encryption. It also follows and practices the guidelines & compliance laid down by HIPAA and GLBA. Available in all mobile platforms, iFax makes sure that your work is not affected irrespective of any time of the day nor where you are present. Taking advantage of wearable technology, with iFax it is possible to receive your daily fax updates and notifications instantly on your wearable device. This allows you to be on top of your productivity and do more for your business.

iFax has more than 5+ million of user base and not just in the large business community but has also become popular for freelancers, startup entrepreneurs and even small to midsize business segment. In the words of the CEO, when asked about his views on security concern in faxing industry during the launch of an event, quickly came the reply that, if you want your faxes shouldn’t have prying eyes or no one can steal your confidential information then the solution is, iFax. Mr Adam K, further added that iFax has everything that you need in order to send and receive online faxes right from your mobile device.

It also enhances the faxing experience by allowing you to add a digital signature, company logo and making your faxes look more professional with readily available cover page template designs. Moreover, you can connect to your favourite leading cloud storage platform to send a document from there or as well as upload it directly from the web, email or desktop computers.
iFax has been the world’s most popular faxing app since 2008. New users do not have to go through the tedious registration or signup process. With free download for all mobile platforms, you also get to use the app free for the first 7 days. You also can avail pay-per-fax facility or buy credits. iFax truly stands to be one of today’s best mobile fax app in the faxing industry.

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