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Exceptional studio space with key features available for rent, London SW9

Press Release: March 11, 2016

Simulacra Studio London attracts a wealth of clients from the world of photography, video, fashion, art, media and more on a day-to-day basis.
This studio has been running 10 years, and is based in the railway arches of the former Brixton East station which closed in the early seventies. The building has a lot of history and a lot of style but the in-house team of studio director, assistants and set and scenery construction team have turned its almost derelict building into a state-of-the-art photo studio, run by photographers for photographers.

There is certainly a lot of Pride in the transformation that's come about due to the commitments and vision of a very small tightly focussed team and this studio space for rent in London is well placed on the map and gaining popularity with big name industry players.

It's popularity is largely due to the space being unusual and exceptional and the staff being unusual and exceptional.
Studio director Francois has a bit of a reputation of being MacGyver! if a client arrives without a key piece of kit he has it, if something breaks he can fix it, if something needs modifying or customising he will do it successfully before your eyes in about 5 minutes!

This is incredibly refreshing for anyone who has been on the receiving end of poor customer service or unenthusiastic staff.

The studio space for rent is mixing varied and there are several spaces on offer the most popular studio to book is Studio One this is a 2000 square foot area which includes the main shooting space a stunning little makeup room with power shower and a lot of extra features such a hairdressing backwash unit Hollywood lighting and barbers chair, there is also a green room and bar area with pool table which doubles up as a great place to have lunch or if you're lucky enough to catch a sunny day you can use the Urban garden either for shooting over hanging out in between.
There are two open-air courtyards that run down the side of the studio well has amazing graffiti specifically commissioned for the space.

Upstairs there is an entirely separate secondary studio.
Studio Two is smaller at 700 square ft and is ideal for groups who are on a slightly more tailored budget. There is a purpose built makeup station stunning oak flooring and natural light.

Situated over the road there are two more studio spaces for rent, these are high end, very large converted Victorian furniture warehouse buildings, with stripped brick walls and antique fixtures and fittings.

The reach of Simulacra Studio doesn't end with these spaces, They have recently signed a lease to open new studio premises on the Greek island of Paros, the aim is to fly clients out to take advantage of the incredible scenery and to build a curve on the roof.
They are beginning a summer programme of workshops with visiting star photographers this year.

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