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EvolveODM Providing Efficient SD-WAN Solutions in UK

Press Release: March 03, 2020

Now Configure your WAN requirements in whatever way best suits your business with EvolveODM WAN Solutions

Today, many organizations outsource their work from a remote location that is far away from the data centre to get this done effectively they need a massive and collaborative infrastructure with customised managed applications. This application involves the smooth functioning of various critical functions like data capacity, application availability, and organizational continuity. It all depends on the smooth and swift exchange of data between client location and data centre.

Many organizations are using wide-area networks (WANs) that allow extended data transfer but it usually takes time and obstacles because of low bandwidth. The latency, network conflicts, and packet data are common issues with WAN. This badly hampers the functioning of many applications, across the WAN impossible or at least difficult. WAN optimization allows more data to be moved more quickly over a lower bandwidth connection.

EvolveODM has now come up with a one-stop solution to all your problems with their highly efficient SD-WAN. They are one of the most trusted sd-wan providers in UK with futuristic technology. EvolveODM technology delivers almost infinitely saleable software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) to the distributed enterprise.

Small-site appliances can be configured with up to four Internet connections – mix cable, xDSL, cellular etc. for the level of resiliency and redundancy most suited to your needs, then choose how each connection is used. You can set priority for each circuit and/or load balance across multiple circuits.

If you have any of these questions

Need to securely connect remote sites back to a corporate network, hosting provider or third-party vendor?
Do you need to securely connect from a centralized support centre into your remote sites?
Or all of the above
Then EvolveODM will help you with their VPN Cloud technology that empowers businesses to choose the level of resiliency and redundancy they need.

Words from the company

"Our SD-WAN Solution, delivers almost infinitely scaleable software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) to the distributed enterprise, allowing you to securely connect remote sites back to a corporate network, hosting provider or third-party vendor."

For more information visit https://www.evolveodm.co.uk/

About EvolveODM

EvolveODM is a Managed Network Solutions Provider, with many years of experience, a wide range of customers and leading industry services, you can be confident we are the right choice for you. With 3 main products, all available individually or mix & match, we can provide high quality, cost-effective and personalised services.

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