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EvolveODM Offering High Speed GDPR Complaint Wi-Fi in UK

Press Release: July 14, 2020

Skelmersdale, UK - Nowadays the majority of businesses in the UK are going through a lot of hustles with the introduction of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). They have now updated their systems, equipment and programming in to compile GDPR and PCI compliance guidelines which are presently made obligatory in the UK for businesses.

One of the least known facts about PCI DSS Compliance is that whether you are a big business or small business if you take care of payment gateway in which consumers has to fill either their credit card or debit card details then you must follow GDPR and PCI compliance.

The Public Wi-Fi providers in the UK are currently experiencing strife since they can't make sense of what precisely PCI DSS and GDPR will have an influence on their business operations. The public Wi-Fi systems are shared and used by both businesses and their clients. If you are not confirming whether your Wireless Network complies with PCI Standards, you must take help of EvolveODM to set up PCI DSS Compliance in UK in your business.

GDPR Compliant Public Wi-Fi

A GDPR Compliant Public Wi-Fi stretches you the security you need for providing your customers with a safe internet browsing experience. It gives you the ability to target your marketing communications to specific demographics.

The EvolveODM GDPR Compliant Public WiFi Solution, with in-house bespoke written software to power Marketing Suite, has over 1 million connected users per year. Providing clients with an increase in loyalty, footfall and dwell time which all leads to increased profits.

PCI DSS Compliance

A complete end-to-end, fully managed subscription service that is designed specifically, to provide your Internet connectivity and protect your sensitive data systems like bank card payments, health records and personal information, alongside your internet traffic.

For more information visit https://www.evolveodm.co.uk/

Words from a company spokesperson

"Our technology delivers almost infinitely scaleable software-defined wide area networking"

Client testimonials

"We have been using EvolveODM for past few years and are very happy with their services. We get excellent personal service, quick responses to our issues. They work with us closely in the setting up and maintenance of our WiFi System and in the provision of bespoke landing pages that actively promote our brands."

About the Company:

EvolveODM is a Managed Network Solutions Provider, with many years of experience, a wide range of customers and leading industry services, you can be confident we are the right choice for you.

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