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Everything You Need To Know About A2 Cow Milk

Press Release: July 24, 2020

The fact is – When the right information is being served, one can easily leverage things in the best possible manner.

Therefore, in the guide itself – We will be learning what you need to know about A2 Cow Milk.

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  • What Is A2 Cow Milk?


Cows with the double beta-casein A2 gene can produce A2 milk. The lactose, fat, protein, and minerals, which together make up the dry substance of milk is just about 13% and the cow’s milk is 87% water to understand things as clarified. To add – Casein is the main component of milk protein. The beta-casein fraction accounts for 30% of all casein in milk. The two most common alleles: A1 and A2 of the gene are responsible for beta-casein production.


  • Advantages Of A2 Cow Milk?


For the human body, it is observed that the type A2 Cow Milk is a more natural form of beta-casein. The best part is – To find out if digestibility and response to A2 true milk and human milk are different, a number of studies have been carried out. People who consumed exclusively milk from cows with the A2 genotype had less digestive problems and bloating, figured out in some of these studies which led people to believe scientifically that the A2 Cow Milk is a healthier choice than regular milk.


  • Can One Avail A2 Cow Milk?


Well, the answer is yes. Since the type of beta-casein in milk is determined solely by the genome of the animal, and selection is the only way to get cows that produce the milk of type A2.


  • With Lactose Intolerance, Is Milk A2 A Solution For People?


Like regular milk, A2 Cow Milk contains the same amount of lactose. However, A2 Cow Milk doesn’t have the benefits of milk without lactose in the case of clinically confirmed lactose intolerance. Some doctors believe that the cause of indigestion in such cases is more likely intolerance to the milk of type A1, rather than lactose, but taking into account that most of the diagnoses of lactose intolerance were made independently. Therefore, if you want to prevent the side effects of consuming regular milk, always consider consuming A2 Cow Milk.

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