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Evervue’s MirrorVue Mirror TV, Now with OLED TV Screen.

Press Release: June 24, 2019

Evervue USA Inc. launches the first ever Mirror TV with OLED Screen with its best-selling product, MirrorVue Mirror TV.

MirrorVue is the most versatile Mirror TV on the market, it can be used for any purpose and need whether it be for Commercial, Residential, or Hotel use. It is now armed with the latest technology. MirrorVue introduces OLED screen, the first ever Mirror TV to have this state-of-the-art technology. Experience OLED’s premium quality; see and feel colors come to life with its perfect contrast and balance of colors that make ordinary LED screens look out of date.

MirrorVue TV comes with endless possibilities; MirrorVue is made-to-measure and offers many customization options that make an elegant and functional mirror TV. You can design it, customize it, and enjoy a crisp and clear vanishing Mirror TV. Choose your TV screen size, mirror glass type, frames, mounting options, and a lot more.

As part of its many customization options, MirrorVue offers premium quality glass that is available in Silver Mirror, Advertising Mirror, Tinted Mirror, and Black Mirror. MirrorVue’s customization allows to take control, you can install your TV in any location you want and even add multiple TVs in one mirror.

MirrorVue offers these mounting options: Standard Wall Mount, Magnet Wall Mount, and Recessed Wall Mount. This makes it easy to fit MirrorVue in different builds and spaces to suit your needs. You can also choose your frame from more than 80 luxurious designer frames: stainless steel, renaissance frames, wooden frames, golden frames and many more.

Users can get updates on their MirrorVue by downloading Mirror Feeds, a free application that shows time, weather, stocks and news on smart mirrors and mirror TVs. All Information in the mirror updates every hour and the news feed scrolls on its own. It also allows customization of the feed by choosing a layout.

For more information about MirrorVue Mirror TV, you can visit https://www.mirrorvue.com/highlights/

About Evervue USA Inc.:
Evervue USA Inc. is redefining the realm of Bathroom TVs, Mirror TVs, Kitchen TVs, Outdoor TVs, Lighted Mirrors, and Smart Mirrors since 2001. With subsidiaries worldwide, Evervue products are installed in many houses and hotels and continue to delight guests with its unique hospitality solutions.

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