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Event Organizers around the Globe Getting Benefited With Optional Payment Methods With Eventry

Press Release: March 05, 2018

Eventry a leading event registration website in Sweden, is offering optional payment methods to event organizers all around the globe. With this new payment, feature event organizers can now accept payments in different forms. Event organizers registered with Eventry can now easily publish, promote, register and track both free and paid events from the websites.
Secure and simple online event registration process has led to increases in traffic and revenue for event organizers that are registered on Eventry’s website through direct event registration sales. This feature by Eventry has led to contribute to the success of various events all around the globe.
Eventry being one of the free event submission sites, offers event organizers to list their events, collect registrations for their event and link free events to their site for free.
With another paid feature registration, event organizers are now able to leverage the power of Eventry’s tailor-made registration features and event management by integrating payment collection with their website and event.
Eventry’s offering multiple payment options, event organizers can now securely pay through PayPal or credit cards. Organizers are charged with minimal service fee while selling registrations, tickets and products using Eventry card payment or Eventry invoice. Eventry also supports organizers who plan to use their own invoices or cash register method of payment.
Amongst many event marketing websites Eventry is becoming an ideal choice for many who are seeking the most affordable solution for selling event registrations. Eventry’s payment options provide more flexibility and control to organizers over managing their event and increasing their sales.

About Eventry

Eventry is an online platform for hosting events by eliminating the time and energy required for registrations and payments. Eventry offers their clients with complete control over their online administration tool for both private and public events. Over the years, Eventry had a high conversion rate and profitability from satisfied customers and organizers all-round the globe.

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