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Event Caterer Pivots to Food Delivery Service during Pandemic

Press Release: April 17, 2020

Miami, FL

Event Caterer Pivots to Food Delivery Service during Pandemic


Entrepeneur Maggie Rodriguez, owner of Inspired Events in Miami, Florida, has been an event caterer for her entire career. Faced with social distancing guidelines that would halt her business for the foreseeable future, she made the decision to switch to food delivery service.

Catering has been Inspired Events' primary service since it's inception in 2005. Guests have enjoyed everything from coffee bars to paella stations, and owner Maggie Rodriguez has delighted the palates of celebrities who hosted their weddings on the shores of Miami's beautiful beaches. However, the COVID-19 pandemic brought all upcoming weddings to a pause. Social distancing requirements meant that no more than 10 people could be in the same room, and even for a smaller event - venues began closing their doors. With a calendar suddenly clear, and a staff that had been by her side for years, Maggie needed to make a decision.

It was either temporarily sending staff home until events were happening again, or keep them employed even during these challenging times".

Maggie Rodriguez, Owner and CEO, Inspired Events

Maggie and her lead chef sat down to come up with a plan. A weekly menu was born, as service staff became delivery drivers. Their new offerings included daily meal service, inspired by fan favorites from years of weddings.Arroz con polloand other local delights arrive safely at your door, including dessert and a bottle of wine.

We chose to include the wine and dessert because we wanted it to feel festive, to preserve our identity as an event company. Ordering from us should feel like an experience for our customers.

Maggie Rodriguez, Owner and CEO, Inspired Events

As word traveled, orders began to sell out. The family of four meals are a popular offering, particularly as families begin to tire of cooking for themselves during the stay-at-home order.

Orders are priced at $45 for two, or $60 for a family of four (including delivery).


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