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European Pharmacovigilance and Clinical Trials 2016

Press Release: July 11, 2016

The European Pharmacovigilance & Clinical Trials 2016 offers a one of a kind discussion platform for pharmaceutical experts to debate and discuss the challenges they are facing in Pharmacovigilance and Clinical Trials.
Do not miss out on the chance to acquire first-hand knowledge and experiences from pharmaceutical giants such as AstraZeneca, Merck Sereno, Boehringer Ingelheim, Pfizer, Novo Nordisk, Johnson & Johnson, Novartis and many more on the latest technological advances in data capture and effective feasibility models. We will be addressing topics such as Major challenges faced by EU legislation and Emerging Economies and PV Harmonization, Adverse event reporting and PV & clinical trials, Clinical Trials Signal Detection and many others. Join us and be future ready!
Take advantage to meet the leading experts within the field and discuss the latest challenges all your competitors are facing.
We are looking forward to welcoming you on board in 2016!
• Harmonization and Pharmacovigilance
• PV regulations and challenges
• The new EU legislation on clinical trials, its impact and future
• Risk management and minimization
• Adverse drug reactions reporting
• Signal detection and post authorization safety
• Business development and models in clinical trials
• Clinical data management
• Good Clinical Practices and Good Pharmacovigilance practices
• IT and new technologies for improvement of PV and clinical research
• Strategies to improve clinical trials and PV
Karen Cheng Heil, Safety Medical Director, AstraZeneca
Shelagh Anderson, Vice President of Global Regulatory Affairs, Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson
Ana-Claudia Ianos, Director - Safety Risk Lead, Pfizer
Emanuel Lohrmann, Lead Safety Physician, Boehringer Ingelheim
Heike Schoepper, Head Global Drug Safety, Merck Serono
Kashif Sheikh, Senior Safety Surveillance Advisor, Novo Nordisk
Alexandru Ionel, Chief Scientific Officer & DRA Head, Novartis Pharma
Julia Appelskog, QPPV, Head of Pharmacovigilance, Bluefish Pharmaceuticals
Sandy Eisen, Chief Medical Officer, Frontline Pharma Consulting
Jonathan Seltzer, President, ACI Clinical
Anne Gramkow, Head of Safety and QPPV, Pharmacosmos
Leo Ayerakwa, Consultant, European Regulatory Solutions
Nawab Qizilbash, Head & Honorary Senior Lecturer in Pharmacoepidemiology, OXON Epidemiology
Simon Ingate, Principal Consultant - SafetyGauge Product Manager, Pope Woodhead & Associates
Rachel Spokes, Vice President of Pharmacovigilance, EmasPharma
• CEO's, CTO's, CIO's, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors, Heads & Managers, Scientific Advisors, Consultants and professionals from pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, CROs and service providers involved in Pharmacovigilance or Clinical Trials. Attendees’ job responsibilities include:
• Pharmacovigilance
• Safety & Risk management
• Drug safety
• PV Compliance
• Safety Surveillance
• Medical Affairs
• Signal detection
• Regulatory Affairs
• Inspection and Audit
• Pharmacoepidemiology
• Clinical Operations
• Clinical Research and Development
• Clinical Quality Assurance/Control
• Clinical Compliance
• Clinical Monitoring
• Clinical Data Management
• Contract outsourcing service providers
• IT consultants

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