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European Jewellery Brand Stands for a world of Happiness, Respect and Freedom

Press Release: March 05, 2010

Gualy is a new European jewellery brand that stands for a world of happiness, respect and freedom, offering long-lasting designs in Sterling Silver, Gold and natural gems. Founded by two Portuguese women, when both were living abroad (in Brazil and The Netherlands), Liliana Guerreiro and Teresa van Oerle were influenced by an eclectic mix of cultures and embraced the challenge of creating a new brand. Their aim was to produce striking jewellery designs that were not driven by fashion but were based on meaningful and emotional concepts that help women express themselves.

On their return to Portugal, Gualy finally came into being, taking advantage of the world-renowned Portuguese tradition in silver and gold craftsmanship but giving it a fresh and modern expression. As freedom means more than ever to manage our own time in the way we want, Gualy is available exclusively on-line, whenever you want (7 days/ 24 hours) and wherever you are (already in 27 European countries), responding to the needs of busy people who have little time to go shopping. The Gualy Recycling Programme underlines the respect for the environment, one of the brands values.

*For a world of happiness: Where little pleasures are intensively enjoyed.
Happiness is made of little moments. The philosophy of the Gualy team is working with pleasure to create meaningful designs that help women express themselves and feel pleasure through wearing Gualy jewellery. Life is too short not to be appreciated!

*For a world of respect: Self respect, respect for others, respect for the environment.
Through their business approach, these two entrepreneurs intend to give a more human dimension to Gualy jewellery, involving people who stand for the same life principles. Everyone is partially responsible for building a better world and it can only be achieved with a foundation of mutual respect. Self-respect means we know what we stand for and act accordingly.

We believe in a more responsible attitude towards consumption, in consumers less eager to buy under fashion and media pressures, thats why we focus on timeless designs that last, staying away from todays throwaway fashion, says Liliana Guerreiro, the brand designer and co-founder. Every Gualy collection is sustained by contemporary concepts; for example, in the collection Full of Awareness, the beautiful jewellery designs are also a means to alert people to relevant ecological and social issues.

As natural resources are not replaceable it is Gualys role, together with its customers, to protect these, respecting the boundaries that assure our long term existence. Thats why Gualy developed a non-profit recycling programme, in which old jewellery can be recycled and its value deducted when buying a new Gualy jewel. Gualy also use a make-to-order manufacturing system that minimizes obsolete pieces.

Respect for others means not to be indifferent to the lives of others, which explains Gualys support for social projects through an international programme, www.wordvision.com, which helps children living in extreme poverty. Gualy also encourages its customers to support the same causes.

*For a world of freedom: To choose, to experience, to be.
Time is a scarce and precious asset and freedom means more than ever to manage our own time in the way we want and free time for ourselves says Teresa van Oerle, co-founder and responsible for the on-line brands strategy. Beyond offering unique jewellery, Gualy attracts its customers with the convenience and time-saving of buying online. On-line shopping also means unlimited freedom to search before buying, a clear advantage for products as varied as jewellery. Gualy offers a 2 year guarantee and a 30 day right of return policy, where the customer, if not satisfied, is free to return any Gualy jewel and promptly receive his or her money back.

Discover more of Gualy at www.gualy.com and let yourself be surprised!
Gualy. Appreciate life!

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