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European Identity: The Newly Born European Demos?

Press Release: March 27, 2020

The book clearly portraits what the post national identity and civic nation are. Examining the potential of European Identity vs national identity, the book argues that there was an identity shift among French and Dutch citizens which affected their vote in the ratification of the European Constitution (2004). It also maintains that EU’s civic nation, so strongly expressed in the form of European Identity, exists.  

The book examines identity and its nature through analyzing different theories which help to define in which theories European identity can be ascribed to. It offers scholars' reflection over European identity and makes a definition of European identity. It explains the role of European identity on the European constitutional ratification (2004). The data published in the form of a table trace the consolidation degree of European identity from 1992 to 2008 and confront it with national identities of the EU's member states. It further demonstrates the erosion of national identities in Europe; conclusions are supported by statistical data published in several Eurobarometers. In the end it argues about the existence of a European civic demos (similar to that of the USA).  

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