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Europe's Famous Hostels have found their Ambassador!

Press Release: May 28, 2015

The search for the perfect ambassador has taken the leading hostel association from Australia to Amsterdam, Ireland to Italy but they have finally found their match; in the small Canadian town of Beaver.

Stephen 'Beaver' Harris' challenge is this: to visit all of the 51 Famous Hostels by land air and sea, logging his progress on the Ambassador blog and promoting the brand as he goes. To aid him in his quest is a three month rail pass courtesy of Interrail, flights with Pegasus airlines, and buses with IDBus and Flixbus. Stephen's backpack will be full to the brim with pretty Famous Hostels stuff rather than your average backpacker attire. No stranger to nudity, this shouldn't prove a problem to Beaver!

His journey will take him from Denmark to Israel, from Morocco to Latvia and all of Europe's top travel destinations in between.

Why Stephen?

He's a farm-boy and cattle rancher who left his roots to live the nightmare and chase the dream, a persona driven by the relentless pursuit of revolving passions: travel, girls, rock and roll, beer and writing. His true calling in life is to act as the medium between two worlds: the edge of adventure and the comfort of conservative living.
Then there was this:
I am writing for you a poem Mirella,
To show you that I am a innovative fella.
I have written to you twice before,
And I figured ‘Why not just do it once more?’
An application poem you’ve likely not preconceived,
So hopefully this shape leaves you feeling relieved.
Because I just wanted to show you one more,
Creative facet in hopes of becoming ambassador.
I really like to create images with words,
But it is not so often I do it in verse.
Usually just for an important person’s birthday,
Or girlfriends when I am trying to be suavè.
So I will call this version a ‘Special Occasion,’
And rhyme you stories in hopes of persuasion.
To show you that I am your hostel writer man,
Who always has a fantastic journey planned.
Like living with a Papua New Guinean tribe,
Eating only flavourless fish in order to survive.
And I hated the taste of fish at that time,
But I paid the price for an experience sublime.
Or taking a 10-meter vessel across the Pacific to Japan,
Seasickness showed me that I am not sailing fan.
It is amazing how green that a person can get,
For 17 days I only sailed, vomited and slept.
Or when I met a German girl tubing though Laos,
Joining me in Australia my van became her house.
For one entire year we circled that land,
A confined man and woman like sardines canned.
People would ask me, “How did that go?”
“A good little ‘Get-to-Know-Ya,’” we fell in love, so…
Life brought me here to Europe where I live,
I eventually gave her up as something had to give.
Because a journalist career is the future for me,
I love this continent with too many place to be.
So, I am trying to take in as much of Europe as I can,
Which makes me perfect to write of your brand.
Touring through Europe, enjoying culture, and foods,
Writing of the hostels and reviews in good moods.
Pictures of places to be pasted on social media,
To give fellow travelers a guided sleep encyclopedia.
So Mirella you can see of my passion and the fire,
Europe’s Famous Hostels Ambassador is a job that I desire.

So a round of applause to our ‘Europe’s Famous Hostels Ambassador Beaver’...... It is a mouthful, but it rings well! Here's what Beaver's got to say:

“… when I got the call that I was the winner I was so excited that I had to go for a bike ride. I did not know where
to go so I went to a store and bought a lottery ticket. Life has a really good flow to it right now!

I cannot wait to start this job and get on the road. I feel so privileged with this opportunity. Over fifty hostels that I
get to stay in and write about, travelling around Europe for three months… So incredible. I can’t wait to make

friendships with the people staying in the hostels. A lot of new people are going to come into my life this summer.

I can’t wait to meet them, I cannot wait to write about life on the road, and I can’t wait to write about

Europe’s Famous Hostels one by one… It is an absolute honour, and I cannot thank you enough for choosing me for this position! Yes!!!”

To follow the Ambassador on his three month adventure follow us at www.famoushostels.com/blog and keep up to date with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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