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Euro Energy Goes Beyond Battery Packs, Supplies Genuine Medical Equipment and Accessories

Press Release: December 04, 2020

Being in the industry for around 40 years already, Euro Energy remains to be the UK’s leading supplier of battery packs. Working with the best manufacturers in the country, they are named as the No. 1 supplier of medical batteries to the National Health Service. But beyond their top-tier battery offerings, they also supply genuine medical equipment and accessories — including the ds100a sensor and Lifepak 1000 defibrillator.

The Nellcor Ds100a SpO2 Sensor

Patients with medical conditions that affect the heart and lungs need to have their blood oxygen concentration measured regularly. This is where portable oximetry equipment becomes handy. And a vital component of which is the sensor.

Powered by the widely recognised Nellcor SpO2 technology, the Nellcor ds100A SpO2 sensor is designed to help measure a patient’s true arterial oxygen saturation and cardiac-induced pulse. This sensor is easy to use whose preferred application site is the index finger. A significant advantage of this product is its high-quality LED, which helps maximise the sensor’s tracking capabilities.

The ds100a sensor is also equipped with a built-in shielding that protects the signal from electronic noise and ambient light, further ensuring accurate oximetry measurement. According to its manufacturer Covidien, this product has an accuracy range of plus or minus 3 points.

Weighing only 44 grams, this sensor is lightweight, reusable and can be used in conjunction with other products that are compatible with its Nellcor SPO2 technology — including Datascope, Draeger, Protocol Systems, Spacelabs and Physio Control among others.

The Lifepak 1000 Defibrillator

One of the most esteemed creations of Physio Control, this automated external defibrillator (AED) is specifically designed to help users efficiently respond to a victim of unexpected cardiac arrest. Backed by its manufacturer's 50-year experience, the product can be used even by those who have little or no training through it is primarily intended for professional responders.

The high-performing AED can deliver up to 440 shocks. Equipped with a Lithium Manganese (LiMn02) dioxide battery and powered by Biphasic technology, this Lifepak defibrillator has the capability to escalate up to 360 joules.

It weighs 3.2 kg and boasts a large screen to help users easily see ECG readings and other vital data. Whilst in use, the Physio Control offering also stores data that users can download at a later time. Another advantage of this AED is its ability to allow compressions while charging — with the aim of minimising CPR interruptions.

When you purchase this product via Euro Energy, you can avail of their special offer: A 15% discount off charge stick for the life of this AED. Their package also comes with a non-rechargeable battery, a pair of adult Edge System™ electrodes with QUICK-COMBO™ connector and REDI-PAK™ pre-connect, and a soft carry case.

Get In Touch With Euro Energy Today

Looking for a reliable supplier of the ds100a sensor and Lifepak 1000 defibrillator? Euro Energy has established itself as the leading distributor of top-quality and authentic medical equipment, batteries and accessories. Thanks to their partnership with the most trusted manufacturers in this field, they are able to offer a wide array of medical products at a competitive rate. Contact them at +44 (0)116 234 0567 or info@euroenergy.co.uk.

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