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Ethnically Ambiguous Character Actor Jason Emanuel teams with A.M.W. Talent!

Press Release: January 21, 2016

Ethnically diverse, drama award-nominated, classical stage and film/television actor Jason Emanuel has teamed with A.M.W. Talent Agency's Executive Partner Walter D. Shaw Jr.. The decision comes after both men realized they were doing the same thing, and that thing was the very mission statement on Walter's business card, "Seek The Path of Success". Mr. Emanuel and his family are relatively new to the sunny, palm tree-lined, city of Los Angeles, and Mr. Shaw has been successfully building the strength of A.M.W. Talent for 3 years now in the same city. Both men are excited to bring news of their unique force to the Hollywood film, television, and theater industry.

Jason is an accomplished actor whose work has ranged from Italian films to internationally-distributed cinematic works. He has had the good fortune of performing in Africa, the Big Apple, Canada, and now the rolling hills of Tinsel Town. Walter is a quickly rising talent agent, making his mark with an ethical and wise business acumen. Both men take on their respective roles with integrity, transparency and a contagious attitude toward the growth of the entertainment industry and their places in it.

Mr, Emanuel can be cast in an enormous array of roles with his olive skin, and often said in reviews, "piercing brown eyes". He fits perfectly into the market today. A market strife with stories that cross cultural gulfs and bring into view political upheaval. He looks forward to his professional career blossoming while nurturing his personal roles as father to his charming and playful 2 year old boy, and husband to his talented and beautiful wife of 10 years.

More on Jason at jasonemanuel.net, and Walter at amwtalent.com.

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